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Becoming a stand out contributor

Becoming a stand out contributor

Amarachi Amaechi

February 22, 2020

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  1. Becoming a standout contributor Amarachi Amaechi Open Source festival 2020

  2. Meet Amarachi Amaechi - Front-End Developer @ Zedcrest Capital -

    Evangelist @womenwhocodelagos - Tech Enthusiast Amarachi Amaechi Zedcrest capital @AmarachiAmaechi
  3. Talk Goals 1. What is open source? 2. Who is

    a contributor? 3. How to become a standout contributor 4. Examples of popular open source projects 5. Benefits of contributing to open source
  4. What is open source Open-source refers to tools/technology that are

    publicly accessible that people can use, modify, contribute to, and share freely.
  5. Open Source Festival 2020 Who is a contributor A person

    who dedicates time to work on projects, therefore enhancing the Open Source tools/technology.
  6. Open Source Festival 2020 Contributor checklist ❖ Creating a Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab

    account ❖ Understanding Git ❖ Ability to read and write ❖ Read the contribution instruction

  8. The command line

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  11. 1. Github Explore(https://github.com/explore) 2. FirstTimersOnly(https://www.firsttimersonly.com/) 3. 24 Pull Request(https://24pullrequests.com/) 4.

    Open Source Friday(https://opensourcefriday.com/) 5. Your First PR(https://yourfirstpr.github.io/) 6. Up For Grabs(https://up-for-grabs.net/#/) Resources
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  13. Open Source Festival 2020 How to become a stand out

    contributor ➢ Be consistent ➢ Be polite ➢ Be patient ➢ Communicate well ➢ Write well documented issues and PR ➢ Welcome the next generation with open hands ➢ Start a blog to document your journey ➢ Talk about your journey at meetups, conference etc
  14. Open Source Festival 2020 Benefits of contributing to open source

    ★ Experience ★ Greater Job Prospects ★ Development of technical and soft skills ★ Increase Community and Peer Recognition ★ Make money
  15. Examples of open source projects

  16. Open source needs you

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  21. Why fit in, when you were born to stand out!

    - Dr. Seuss Wall
  22. Thank You Any questions? You can find me at: @AmarachiAmaechi

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