How to break up with your vendor

780e86312035da00762813aa2e443ae8?s=47 Amy Nguyen
October 02, 2018

How to break up with your vendor

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You’re unsatisfied with one of your monitoring providers. They aren’t responding to your bug reports and support tickets. They want to charge you more than you pay for any other infrastructure contract. They’re missing that one big feature that would be a game changer for your team. You’ve considered finding a new solution, but the thought of migrating your data off their platform sounds more painful than all of these issues combined. So you keep letting things slide until you realize that you’re in the dreaded land of vendor lock-in.

Amy Nguyen and Cory Watson explain how to make a deadline for an infrastructure-critical software migration while ensuring that everyone’s requirements are met and no data has been lost. Amy and Cory demonstrate how to evaluate alternative solutions and gather requirements from your coworkers and detail what happens once you decide to make the switch. You’ll learn how to manage a tight timeline, how to write automated tools for migration, and how to socialize the change across your organization.


Amy Nguyen

October 02, 2018