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Green Guide 2020 by AnaheimTreeCare is here!

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February 03, 2020

Green Guide 2020 by AnaheimTreeCare is here!

We are pleased to reveal a green guide 2020 which helps you fulfill your green dreams for this year. It has valuable tips for Californian residents and businesses.



February 03, 2020


  1. ANAHEIM TREE CARE'S Green Guide 2020 Tips & tricks that

    help your green assets to grow

    wildfires in August 2019 Australia wildfires lead us to think something concrete for the environment and work upon the same to avoid such other incidents in future.
  3. It is our collective and individual responsibility … to preserve

    and tend to the world in which we all live Dalai Lama
  4. AnaheimTreeCare is pleased to reveal a green guide 2020 which

    helps you fulfill your green dreams for this year. It has valuable tips for Californian residents and businesses. GREEN GUIDE 2020 LET'S MAKE THIS PLANET GREENER AND LIVELIER
  5. Big Question is what do you prefer planting a new

    tree or nurturing the existing one? ?
  6. Let's begin with some techniques that help your green assets

    grow >>
  7. TREE TRIMMING This is the most important technique to keep

    the existing tree live longer. Trimming keeps a tree healthy and looks good too. It helps a tree not only grow stronger but helps cut down the unwanted and damaged limbs and increases the production of fruits and flowers. Trimming does not need any time or weather, it can be done anytime during the year.
  8. TREE CABLING AND BRACING Every tree no matter where it

    is planted has a different technique to be taken care of. Unlike in wild forests, tress in the urban or rural environment needs cabling and bracing treatments to ensure their structural integrity so that the tree has chances to grow tall as they can in a normal way and live healthier.
  9. TREE CROWNING In simple terms crowning means kind of trimming,

    but here it is removing the little branches that are seen outside or on the edges of a tree. Measurement is taken in order to make sure that too much of those branches are not been removed. Only the dead and deceased tree branches or limbs are been cut off to help them grow further.
  10. TREE PRUNING When we see someone climbing up the tree

    with clippers, it looks easy but when it comes to real the sculptor needs to know on why to prune instead how to do it. We need the right people at the right time to get this work done and the right weather can be the springtime. However pruning is good during dormancy as the results would burst in growth with the right pruning tools.
  11. Healthy soils and healthy trees, let it be any environment,

    poor soils, insufficient moisture can go harsh on the trees leading them to die. Different trees have different fertilizers and their own quantity to provide. Fertilization program is to maintain and increase their resistance power in order to keep them away from diseases and insects. Mature trees do not need to be fertilized every year. FERTILIZATION
  12. The main reason or technique for our plants to grow

    is proper irrigation, which means watering plants in controlled amounts. Irrigation mainly helps if there is scarcity of rainfall. There are about four types of irrigation techniques: surface, sprinkler. Drip, and subsurface. Drip irrigation is most sufficient. It is advisable to water your plants everyday knowing how much water which plants need as they vary widely. IRRIGATION INTELLIGENCE
  13. These days we find people cutting plants for getting more

    space to live rather than growing taller or planting new ones. They do not understand that by chopping them you are decreasing the natural air intake for yourself. Keeping your surrounding clean and green is more important than building high walls. Growing plants in house or in the garden can also help you make feel fresh and energetic naturally. Environmental education can help the new generation learn how to grow the old assets or plant a new one and nurture them accordingly. EDUCATE NEW GENERATION
  14. Once we are educated on growing plants and nurturing them,

    it would be easy to even grown or plant them in house. Everybody has a small place in house to grow such beautiful plants. Keep potting soil moist making sure it’s neither too wet nor too dry. Keep the plant near sunlight but natural. Water them daily and make sure it has drainage holes at the bottom. Plants like Aloevera, Asparagus, Lily, and Christmas cactus are few from many plants that can be planted at home. DEVELOP INDOOR PLANTS
  15. When we talk about planting trees and growing old ones,

    we should make sure that they are well maintained and timely trimmed to avoid them from falling or dying. Once they lose on the moist or water they need, they die and immediately fall on the ground which can damage the vehicles and properties that are built adjacent to it. When these are damaged and broken the loss of manufacturing or the material used to build a house is a loss too. Make sure you use good techniques to save the trees and plants from damaging itself and other properties. NEVER LET TREES TO DAMAGE PROPERTIES OF VEHICLES
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