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Elasticsearch on Rails

Elasticsearch on Rails

Andrew Nesbitt

April 16, 2015

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  1. Elasticsearch on Rails


  3. Distributed full text search Based on Lucene RESTful web interface

    JSON NoSQL document store Scalable multi-tenancy What is Elasticsearch?
  4. Web Application Framework Model View Controller Active Record ORM Convention

    over Configuration Extracted from Basecamp What is Ruby on Rails?
  5. Full Text Search Sorting Filtering Faceting Pagination What can we

    do with it? Boosting Stemming Highlighting Document storage Analytics
  6. github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-rails

  7. elasticsearch-model elasticsearch-rails elasticsearch-persistence elasticsearch gems

  8. ActiveRecord and Mongoid integration ActiveRecord::Relation-based Search Kaminari and WillPaginate pagination

    Model Serialization to JSON Automatic indexing updating callbacks elasticsearch-model
  9. Rake tasks for importing data to ES ActiveSupport Instrumentation Example

    application Templates generation elasticsearch-rails
  10. Use elasticsearch as a NoSQL database to store and retrieve

    documents using an ActiveModel interface. elasticsearch-persistence
  11. None

  13. http://libraries.io

  14. "If I have seen further it is by standing on

    the shoulders of giants” Sir Isaac Newton
  15. Popular? Active? License? Documented? Contributor friendly? Follows SemVer? High bus

    factor? Is it dependable? How do you know if a library is worth using?
  16. It works by counting the number and quality of links

    to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. ! The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites.
  17. It works by counting the number and quality of dependencies

    to a library to determine a rough estimate of how important the library is. ! The underlying assumption is that more dependable libraries are likely to be more dependent on by other libraries.
  18. None
  19. activesupport rails memcached devise waffleiron activemerchant

  20. 760,425 projects from 24 package managers in 152 different languages


  22. github.com/ankane/searchkick

  23. Good defaults SQL-like query interface Zero-downtime reindexing Autocomplete Lots of

    nice little touches searchkick
  24. github.com/toptal/chewy

  25. Multi-model indexes Atomic bulk imports Powerful query DSL Every index

    is observable by all related models chewy
  26. Deployment Elasticsearch::Model.client = Elasticsearch::Client.new url: ENV['ELASTICSEARCH_URL']

  27. found.no qbox.io bonsai.io compose.io/elasticsearch indexisto.com Hosted Services

  28. github.com/Asquera/elasticsearch-http-basic

  29. Thanks! @teabass http://nesbitt.io github.com/andrew