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API Design at Eventbrite

API Design at Eventbrite

A short talk given as part of the Eventbrite "Advanced Django" workshop at Pycon 2014

Andrew Godwin

April 10, 2014

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  1. Two existing APIs: APIv1 at least 6 years old APIv2

    never finished and now too specialised
  2. Bad patterns: Same domain as main site /xml/?method=access_code_new Both XML

    and JSON as return formats, transformed from each other.
  3. The Basis Django REST Framework Custom SOA/API coupling Piecemeal refactors

    of current code APIv1 as initial target to start deprecation
  4. /events/ /events/39992/ /events/39992/orders/ /events/39992/publish/ /users/me/owned_events/ POST: New event GET: Event

    details POST: Update event GET: List of orders /events/39992/orders/12392/ GET: Order details POST: Publish event GET: List of your events DELETE: Delete event