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Android UX-UI Design Patterns

Android UX-UI Design Patterns

This talk is about android usability patterns. Based on real cases and experiences with mobile development.

Fernando Cejas

March 15, 2013

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  1. Who am I? •  Barcelona GDG Organizer •  NFC, Android

    and Agile Geek •  Android10.org •  NFC Actions App •  Flojack (@flomio) •  @fernando_cejas •  http://www.fernandocejas.com/
  2. Agenda •  User Interface •  User Experience •  Usability • 

    Android Design Patterns •  Examples •  Advices  
  3. What is User Interface? (UI) •  A common boundary or

    surface between the interactive system and the user •  All elements which provide communication between the interactive system and the user
  4. What is User Interface Design? •  User interface design is

    the process of supporting the tasks (goals) of the user, ideally in a friendly and articulate manner
  5. What about User Experience (UX)? •  “A person’s perceptions and

    responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, interactive system, or service.” –ISO9241-210
  6. What is Usability? •  Usability means that a person using

    a system finds it easy to understand and use •  A usable system allows a person to focus on their tasks, and not on the system itself •  A usable system most often does what a! person expects
  7. What is a Design Pattern? •  It’s a design solution

    to a recurring problem •  It’s also about not reinventing the wheel. •  People want to use what they have learnt already using the phone
  8. Some advice… •  Don't port the UI from other platforms

    •  Don't override the behavior of system buttons •  Know your user and get feedback from him •  Test on real users, early and often •  Do what the user expects •  The most common operations should be visible •  Don't reinvent the wheel
  9. Thanks! When you look at the dark side, careful you

    must be ... for the dark side looks back. @fernando_cejas www.fernandocejas.com