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College Counselling - Grid View

Andy Bella
July 27, 2023

College Counselling - Grid View

Andy Bella

July 27, 2023


  1. LUKE, o/s: The first deadlines for early acceptance come somewhere

    in the fall... but it's good to meet that deadline even if you aren't applying early. LUKE: Which... well, I hate to say it, but it doesn't give you as much time to decide as you might think. LUKE, o/s: I know you don't have a specific major in mind yet, LUKE, o/s: but... it would help me a lot to know a dream school. LUKE: Any thoughts? SHANNON: I actually have been thinking about something important I wanted to show you. SHANNON: ...any thoughts? LUKE: No, oh my GOD, Shay, LUKE: I seriously can't do Dobby Cake again,
  2. LUKE: please, not now, I can't -- SHANNON: his SHANNON:

    LIPS LUKE: You have got to stop bullying me with this stupid cake in our meetings. SHANNON: Look into his EYES -- LUKE: I hate you. LUKE: Kids shouldn't have phones. SHANNON: Ah -- LUKE: GRHGRHGRGHGHR (sfx: phone rings)
  3. LUKE: HOLD ON, I have to be NORMAL, shut up.

    LUKE: Bridgewater Prep, College Counseling Advisors office, Luke Hernandez speaking, LUKE, o/s: -- oh, yes, how can I help? LUKE, o/s: ... oh she's out? LUKE, o/s: ... Oh... yeah, sure, I can cover detention... no, no, I'm not busy... how long? SHANNON: ho boy.
  4. LUKE: mmhm mmhm... and the chairs, sure. LUKE: ..NO, no

    no, not a problem at all. Okay... Okay! LUKE: Ho-kay now, bye bye. LUKE: I... LUKE: ...forgot I'm supposed to be mad at you right now. SHANNON: Whaaat? Mad?? At me??
  5. SHANNON: S'not like we're making biggest decision I'll be making

    for the rest of my adult life or anything. LUKE: It doesn't make it any easier to put it off!! LUKE: and you ARE putting it off, by the way. LUKE: We're almost at the end of the semester and we've still got no leads. No more funny pictures, let's just try to get somewhere today. SHANNON: But you LOVE it though, SHANNON: you LOVE funny picture! LUKE: Shay, you know it doesn't look good on me when my own SISTER doesn't have any prospects yet, right? LUKE, o/s: Everyone else is pretty much decided by now. Don't you talk to your friends? You have those, right? SHANNON: Asshole! Aren't you not supposed to talk about other kids or something?? LUKE: Well, I'm not naming names.
  6. LUKE: Our meetings are fun. It's fun, I'm fun, I

    love laughing, we're great, LUKE: but let's get going. We've got a lot to do, and surprisingly enough, you aren't my only meeting today, mmkay? LUKE: Feet off the chair. SHANNON: Ugh. Okay. LUKE, o/s: Not an unreasonable request. SHANNON: Yeah, yeah. LUKE: Here, let's try something new. I'm just gonna ask you a question, we'll brainstorm from there, see how it goes. SHANNON: Okay. LUKE, o/s: 'kay. Close your eyes.
  7. SHANNON: (sigh) LUKE, o/s: Okay... don't think about any colleges

    right now...dont even think about a major. LUKE: Just tell me... your perfect work day. LUKE: Any details could help right now. SHANNON: My perfect work day? LUKE, o/s: Yeah, mmhm! Career, adult life, perfect day. Whats that for you? SHANNON: Okay... I... wake up at 9. LUKE: ... ohhh- SHANNON, o/s: and I ... SHANNON: (deep breath in) SHANNON, o/s: ... go to the office!
  8. SHANNON, o/s: ...like in those... HBO financial series... SHANNON, o/s:

    An office, the office, whatever. SHANNON, o/s: You know like one of those places and its just a place where people work, LUKE: ... kay... (SFX: Luke types on the keyboard) LUKE: KEEEEEEEEP going!! (SFX: rapid typing) SHANNON, o/s: and... I just... SHANNON, o/s: ...I just...
  9. SHANNON, o/s: I just fill out a BIG spreadsheet. LUKE:

    (under his breath) ...I knew it... SHANNON: World's BIGGEST spreadsheet! LUKE, O/S: Come on, I told you to be serious. SHANNON: I AM being serious! LUKE: Seriously, I'm not in the mood. SHANNON, o/s: No, no-- SHANNON: I MEAN, I just do whatever the boss wants me to do, everything on the list, SHANNON: Then I go home, eat dinner, maybe watch a movie or play a game with my friends, I don't know. LUKE: You know, you can trust me, you can be ANYTHING, it's a THOUGHT EXERCISE, LUKE: This isn't a joke, can't you put SOME effort in, please? "Big spreadsheet?"
  10. SHANNON: I'm being serious, I just, I dunno, I can

    do whatever, the job itself doesn't matter, I just DO it -- SHANNON: It isn't a joke!! SHANNON: and-- and I do a damn good job at it!! SHANNON: but... SHANNON: but-- but-- after I leave the office, I just go home, and the only thing on my mind is dinner. SHANNON: I cook myself a nice dinner, maybe something healthy. I could even share it. SHANNON: Maybe I even invite you over! (SFX: telephone rings) LUKE: (breath in, about to speak)