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A Royal Talent - Grid View

A Royal Talent - Grid View

Andy Bella

July 27, 2023


  1. (SFX: distant crowd cheering) (SFX: crowd cheering)
    (SFX: crowd cheers louder) (SFX: crowd dies down)
    (SFX: bluetooth pairing noise over
    Look, there she is!
    HEY guyyys, thanks for coming ouuuut -
    Just wanted to get your opinion on a
    couple things!
    Soooooo.... here I go!!

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  2. (SFX: cartoon boing sound) (SFX: bazow, honk, road runner sounds)
    (SFX: stock fart sound with reverb)
    (SFX: crowd cheers in agreement)
    Oh right, what about this one too,
    hold on --
    I mean... I laughed.
    (SFX: birds caw angrily)
    Did you like it? Was it good? Okay, thanks guys!!

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  3. (SFX: crowd applauds) (SFX: crowd dies down...) (SFX: video game jumping
    sounds over speakers)
    (SFX: video game jumping sounds continue) (SFX: SPLAT!)
    Aw, I died.
    Sorry guys, I forgot to disconnect my phone, it's just... ...just gotta...finish this run...

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