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Hacks in video games

Hacks in video games

Fallback slides: this was actually presented with videos and sound
AKA "How people can create better videogames"
Presented at Hack.Lu's Cryptoparty4kids 2015

- Rick Dangerous @ 1:12
- Smooth Mc Groove - Contra
- C64 Christmas Demo @ 1:05
- Rob Hubbard “Thundercats”
- Joeren Tel “Stormlord”
- Super Mario Bros @ 10:59
- Master Blaster @ 48:01


Ange Albertini

October 22, 2015


  1. How people can create better video games Ange Albertini, Hack.Lu

  2. Computers have limitations.

  3. Game developers study how things work, in detail.

  4. Because they know how things really work, they found some

  5. Thanks to these tricks, they can create better video games.

  6. Let’s look at graphics...

  7. Count the colors! This computer was limited to 16 colors...

  8. But this picture has more than 16 colors!

  9. 62 colors on the same system! How?

  10. The 16 colors are updated while the picture is displayed.

  11. Now let’s use our ears...

  12. Sound can be very fun in video games.

  13. Games music is made with multiple voices.

  14. That computer had a very limited sound.

  15. By quickly changing sound, one can get better music.

  16. By using a bug in the hardware, a different kind

    of voice could be created!
  17. Now let’s look at animation

  18. Some systems could only display small objects.

  19. But this game had a huge moving monster! How ?

  20. This is the picture...

  21. The background takes the whole picture.

  22. But the moving objects are quite small.

  23. So the monster is drawn on the ground of a

    dark room. A big room where various animations of the monster are drawn.
  24. By understanding how things really work, game developers can create

    better games (beyond the initial limitations)
  25. If they didn't spend time trying to understand how things

    really work, their video games would be not so nice.
  26. Hacking: spend time to understand how things really work (and

    get awesome results)
  27. Thank you! Ange Albertini, Hack.Lu 2015

  28. References backgrounds: Super Mario Kart Wii, Rick Dangerous, Super Mario

    Bros, Yoshi, NinjaGo, PollyPocket, Pikachu, Ben 10 Archon - The Light and the Dark, Bio Challenge • Smooth Mc Groove - Contra • C64 Christmas Demo [1:00] • Rob Hubbard “Thundercats” • Joeren Tel “Stormlord” • Super Mario Bros [10:50] • Master Blaster [48:00] Licence CC BY - Ange Albertini & son