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Build a Website with WordPress by PHP Women Asia

2a37bcae4904397550985777324b32a5?s=47 April Kwong
October 07, 2016

Build a Website with WordPress by PHP Women Asia


April Kwong

October 07, 2016

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  1. Build a Website with WordPress

  2. phpwomen.asia phpwomen.asia

  3. ✤ Focus on the needs of individual PHP women on

    a personal and professional level. ✤ Peer-to-peer learning exchange. ✤ Provides comfortable environment for women who are interested to learn to code in PHP. Objectives
  4. phpwomen.asia Engagements • Facebook Group Page - fb.com/HyperTextPreprocessorWomen • Join

    other social meet ups (such as Kopi.JS, Beer.CSS, Geek Brunch) • Slack - http://slackme.phpug.sg • PHP Singapore User Group - (speaker representative)
  5. phpwomen.asia Global Network • PHPWomen - http://phpwomen.org/

  6. phpwomen.asia Build a Website with WordPress Phase 1: Create a

    basic website using WordPress • Setting up hosting (Vagrant, MAMP, XAMPP) on your computer • Install WordPress • Install a WP template • Add plugins, widgets and set the configuration • Customize homepage, subpages and add contact page
  7. phpwomen.asia Instructor Vina Rianti Vina has been developing websites using

    WordPress for over 5 years. She's currently enjoy learning Swift and Django to become a better developer.
  8. phpwomen.asia Build a Website with WordPress Phase 2: Build an

    E-commerce website using WordPress ✤ Install WooCommerce ✤ Install free WooCommerce template ✤ Install supported plugins ✤ Customize your e-commerce website
  9. phpwomen.asia Instructor Britta Jaison Britta have been twiddling with PHP

    for more than 7 years. She has worked with various CMS, MVC Framework and eCommerce application.
  10. phpwomen.asia Coaches ✤ WordPress Singapore ✤ PHP Singapore User Group

  11. phpwomen.asia Special Thanks to

  12. phpwomen.asia Gerald Goh Technical Evangelist Developer Experience & Evangelism (DX)

    Gerald is a technical evangelist at Microsoft Singapore’s Developer Experience & Evangelism Team. He is a full stack developer with over 5 years experience developing web applications. He currently does Python and is working on DevOps, Infrastructure, Data Engineering and Distributed Systems. Ask me anything about Software Development • Infrastructure Architecture • DevOps • Data Engineering