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Why Laravel Is Awesome

2a37bcae4904397550985777324b32a5?s=47 April Kwong
September 08, 2016

Why Laravel Is Awesome

at the PHP Conference Asia 2016 https://2016.phpconf.asia/


April Kwong

September 08, 2016

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  1. Laravel is awesome #PHPConfAsia

  2. ARALOVELACE.COM april. 20-something one of those Accidental Project Manager @

  3. ARALOVELACE.COM php frameworks.


  5. Laravel

  6. ARALOVELACE.COM laravel. is great for beginners and fast development. is

    for different kind of websites. it will be around for next 5-10 years. is an Ecosystem.
  7. Fullstack Framework

  8. routing MVC structure authentication command bus pagination validation filesytem cloud

  9. eloquent blade tempting

  10. Ecosystem

  11. elixir scheduler socialite flysystem integration database migration mail api driver

  12. Deployment

  13. forge envoyer rocketeer envoy

  14. Artisan.

  15. php artisan route:cache php artisan make:migration create_users_table php artisan email:expiration

  16. Testing.

  17. Laravel is more than just a framework

  18. And because you, dear developers and PMs, deserves to be

  19. Laracast - NETFLIX for developer.

  20. nextchapter.com.hk

  21. ARALOVELACE.COM thank you. @araphoenix aralovelace.com phpwomen.asia