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Show and Tell: NextChapter.com.hk - SG PHP User Group

Show and Tell: NextChapter.com.hk - SG PHP User Group

About how we developed a crowdfunding website using Laravel 5
Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_SBNaECv2U


April Kwong

May 18, 2016

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  1. ARALOVELACE.COM Female Crowdfunding Website

  2. ARALOVELACE.COM Hi! I’m April 20-something years old Project Manager -

    8 months Web Developer - 6 years I do yoga as well :D
  3. About FunctionEight www.functioneight.com What We Do: Outsourced IT Support IT

    Infrastructure Web & Mobile Development Hosting Singapore | Hong Kong | Shanghai | New Zealand
  4. ARALOVELACE.COM Projects I done with

  5. ARALOVELACE.COM Next Chapter is a funding portal for female entrepreneurs

    and women-owned businesses. it’s focus is on businesses by women, creating products and services that women will love.
  6. ARALOVELACE.COM us. Nicole Denholder FunctionEight Charlotte Fernandez

  7. Successfully Funded Campaigns

  8. ARALOVELACE.COM My HK Vehicles Book Project By: Elise Phillipson Target:

    US$2,800 Funded: US$3,516 70 Backers
  9. ARALOVELACE.COM Zarie Slimming Leggings Project By: Stephanie Poon Target: US$15,000

    Funded: US$16,333 131 Backers
  10. How Next Chapter Works?

  11. None
  12. ARALOVELACE.COM Process on creating campaign • Register an account •

    Activate account • Create campaign • Submit for review • Admin either approves or rejects your campaign for editing
  13. ARALOVELACE.COM Process on creating campaign • When approved, campaign owner

    will update the campaign and add more details. • Submit for Final Review • Admin approves/reject campaign • If Approve, campaign is now running
  14. None
  15. ARALOVELACE.COM How to pledge ✤ Register as member ✤ Login

    as member ✤ Facebook Login ✤ As Guest
  16. ARALOVELACE.COM Current Payment Process • redirect to paypal • Pay

    to Next Chapter • payment completed • redirect back to page
  17. ARALOVELACE.COM When the campaign ends…

  18. The Development…

  19. ARALOVELACE.COM Technology • Plesk 12.0.18 • Symantec GeoTrust - SSL

    • Sumome • Mailchimp - Newsletter • Facebook API • PHP/MySQL • Laravel 5 • Sass • Bitbucket • DeploymentHQ
  20. ARALOVELACE.COM Designed Database

  21. ARALOVELACE.COM Designed UI / User Experience

  22. ARALOVELACE.COM Project Management

  23. ARALOVELACE.COM Developed Backend

  24. ARALOVELACE.COM Why we selected Laravel? and not…

  25. ARALOVELACE.COM So why Laravel? WHY NOT? fresh and young fit

    excellent community good relationship we tried it and we love it
  26. ARALOVELACE.COM Why we selected Laravel? 1. Flexibility: MVC Layering Eloquent

  27. ARALOVELACE.COM Why we selected Laravel? 1. Flexibility Blade Engine

  28. ARALOVELACE.COM Why we selected Laravel? 1. Flexibility Controller

  29. ARALOVELACE.COM Why we selected Laravel? 2. Powerful Tools - Database

    Migration and Seeding 3. Routing system 4. Very well documented
  30. ARALOVELACE.COM Some Laravel Vendors Used • Mail chimp • Folklore

    Image • Paypal - Rest API SDK PHP • Socialite - facebook login
  31. ARALOVELACE.COM Future Updates • Update Payment Method thru Paypal •

    More Payment Option Gateways • User Experience Improvements • Functionality Enhancements
  32. ARALOVELACE.COM suggestions… We are open to suggestions on how to

    improve the website. www.nextchapter.com.hk
  33. ARALOVELACE.COM thanks. Get in touch. Email: araphoenix@gmail.com Linkedin: aprilkwong Blog: