Untangled - Sneak Peek at Project Loom

620e6dc3f97e1e871747838a1c07e3fc?s=47 Arnaud Bos
October 31, 2019

Untangled - Sneak Peek at Project Loom

Given at Voxxed Days Cluj 2019
Video: http://bit.ly/untangled-cluj-2019-video
Concurrent programming borrows a lot of terms from weaving and twists our minds with intertwined concepts: fibers, threads, lightweight-threads, green threads, loom...
Maybe you've heard about coroutines? Don't worry, everything is linked.

During this talk, we'll get weaving, show code samples and talk about project Loom, whose goal is to bring "lightweight concurrency" mechanisms to the JVM, along with APIs to embroider the story.

We will talk about project Loom's inception and recent prototypes. You will also see its mesh goes far beyond "simple" primitives to revolutionize the JVM.

Until then you will see how to follow that thread and become familiar with its concepts using the Quasar library.


Arnaud Bos

October 31, 2019