API Design Reviewer's Starter Set

API Design Reviewer's Starter Set

What could go possibly wrong when designing APIs? Everything.
Among many other things, API Design may be inconsistent with pre-existing elements, may be bugged, may not fulfill needs, may be hard to understand or use, may be too specific and impossible to reuse, …

Whatever the organization’s size, the type of APIs and the designers skills and experience, something will go wrong.
That is why, any API design must be reviewed.

During this session, Arnaud Lauret, The API Handyman, author of The Design Of Web APIs, will uncover everything you need to start reviewing the designs of your organization’s APIs.

Explore subterranean needs! Plunder hoards of inconsistency! Battle legendary design flaws!

The API Design Reviewer’s Starter Set is your gateway to exhaustive and constructive API design reviews. This session contains the essential rules of design reviews plus a few tips and trick that will be of great help on your perilous adventures in the API world.


Arnaud Lauret API Handyman

October 22, 2019