The Lord Of API Designs

The Lord Of API Designs

Every company’s API surface grows irremediably. More and more APIs means more and more people designing APIs, therefore keeping a company’s API surface consistent is quite a challenge. Failing this challenge may lead to a less efficient and even be counterproductive.

In this session, based on my own experience defining and sharing API design common practices in my company and based on the API styles guides that I have collected on, we will discover why we desperately need API style guides, what we can put in them, how to build them and how they can or cannot help us and our fellow API designers to create together a flawless consistent API surface for our company. We will also see how API style guides could be used in the API ecosystem with tools such as the OpenAPI specification and API design tools to ensure that their rules are followed retrospectively and preemptively.


Arnaud Lauret API Handyman

November 01, 2017