Wilson Brothers Customer Story

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May 14, 2013

Wilson Brothers Customer Story

Wilson Brother Customer Review for Arqspin 360 Product Photography System



May 14, 2013


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    He loves coming up with innovative solutions as the Director

    of Photography for Wilson Brothers Jewelry, a prominent online jeweler. Arqspin 360 product photography helps Wilson Brothers grow their revenue and improve customer satisfaction.
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    “Wilson Brothers has been successfully selling online for over 10

    years. Imagine how many tools we’ve tested for increasing sales.”
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    Wilson Brothers understands how to adapt and thrive in the

    competitive online market. They stay on the cutting edge of new technologies and actively search for new solutions and tools.
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    “Before Arqspin, we took 360 videos just using our DSLR

    and photo setup. It was not interactive, and customers had to watch the whole video to see all the angles and replay it if they missed something.
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    Robert has created over 220 product spins and integrated 360

    photography into their hardware setup and workflow. “I can get a new spin live online in 5-7 minutes,” Robert says.
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    “Arqspin is simple while at the same time covering the

    spectrum of needs that come with a powerful business tool.”
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    Presentation is particularly important for high value items such as

    jewelry, and overall, Robert says Arqspin enables customers to “go beyond just viewing our jewelry, to experiencing it.” “They answer questions quickly and have taken our input and even implemented it in the product,” he notes. Customer service has “far exceeded” their expectations.
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    Visit Wilson Brothers Jewelry on eBay: http://stores.ebay.com/Wilson-Brothers-Jewelry Want to see

    how Arqspin can help improve your business? Contact us for a free personal demo.