Bittersweet Customer Story

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May 14, 2013

Bittersweet Customer Story

Bittersweet Customer Review for Arqspin 360 Product Photography System



May 14, 2013


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    She’s a people-person who wakes up every day excited about

    managing Bittersweet Clothing & Accessories in Charlottesville, VA. Arqspin 360 product photography helps bring more high-value customers into her store.
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    Educating customers about Bittersweet’s diverse selection and individualized shopping experience

    is critical to their success. Doing that education on the Internet was a lot harder before Arqspin. But now Aleen and her team are reaching and engaging new customers online every day.
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    “We show the customer an entire product with every little

    detail, so even before they come into the store, they can fall in love with it completely.”
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    When new products arrive, Aleen quickly creates a 360 spin

    of them using the setup she has in her store. Within minutes they’re posted to Facebook, receiving likes, and creating a conversation.
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    Aleen does not have a deep technical background or training

    in photography and finds Arqspin “very easy” to use. She says the customer service is “AWESOME” (all caps).
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    “Arqspin fits well with our unique brand which is great.

    But ultimately, it gets people excited about our products and in the door.”
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    If you’re in Charlottesville, pay Bittersweet a visit. Or see

    them online at Want to see how Arqspin can bring you more customers? Contact us for a free personal demo.