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Introduction to Sencha and Sencha Touch 2.2.x

Introduction to Sencha and Sencha Touch 2.2.x

Sencha has built their reputation on leading HTML5 development with their open-source web application frameworks and supporting tools. With the recent release of Sencha Touch 2.2 (a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework) building cross-platform mobile apps has never been easier!

Arthur Kay will give us a brief introduction to Sencha's HTML5 ecosystem and then dive into some live Sencha Touch coding!

Arthur Kay

June 25, 2013

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  1. Hi, I’m Art! •  Solutions Engineer ! Sencha ProSvcs! !

    •  Chicago, IL USA! •  www.akaWebDesign.com! !
  2. Tools •  Sencha Architect •  Sencha Cmd •  Eclipse Plugin

    •  Desktop Packager •  Sencha Animator •  JSDuck •  …and more!
  3. Community & Support •  Public Forums •  Support Team • 

    Professional Services •  API Documentation •  SenchaCon 2013 •  Meetups •  SenchaDevs.com •  try.sencha.com
  4. Native Wrapper Workers & Parallel Processing File Systems Databases App

    Caches Cross-App Messaging Camera Location Contacts SMS Orientation Gyro WebView JavaScript Semantic HTML CSS Styling & Layout WebFont Video Audio Graphics HTTP AJAX Events Sockets SSL Hybrid Apps!
  5. Components •  Lists Carousel Picker Overlay Slider Forms & Fields

    Toolbars & Buttons Audio & Video Maps Charts •  All fully customizable and extendable!
  6. Touch Events •  Built on native events •  Abstracted for

    performance •  Additional events at component-level
  7. Blackberry & Windows Phone 8 •  Device and browser support

    for BB10 and ! Windows Phone 8! •  IE10 support!
  8. Themes •  Major overhaul to existing themes •  New SASS

    architecture •  New BB10 and Windows themes •  Platform detection!