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Tips for optimising for Google Discover

September 20, 2019

Tips for optimising for Google Discover


September 20, 2019


  1. Optimising for Google Discover Luci Wood // Blue Array Ltd

    http://bit.ly/GoogleDiscover @INCORGNITO_MODE
  2. Hi, I’m Luci Wood (and this is Milo >) @incorgnito_mode

    Allow: /corgis Allow: /archery Disallow: /meat SEO Director @ Blue Array
  3. High performing content in the Discover feed ⏱ How frequently

    your site appears in Discover Comparison of data from Discover to Traditional Search Results Total traffic generated from Discover
  4. ‘The Discover report is shown to websites that have accumulated

    meaningful visibility in Discover. http://bit.ly/search-console-discover
  5. With Discover, you can reach and influence potential customers before

    they’ve even begun searching @incorgnito_mode
  6. How in the hell do we optimise for this? Corgi

    illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode
  7. No, but really. What do we do? Corgi illustrations by

    Radio @incorgnito_mode #BrightonSEO
  8. How does Discover rank content? Content is ranked algorithmically according

    to what Google thinks a user would find most interesting
  9. Search volume is out. Relevancy is in. Keywords are out

    (ish). Topics and audiences are in.
  10. Why? Discover can predict your level of expertise on a

    topic and will offer content based on this. bit.ly/search-journeys
  11. Let’s get specific The stronger the match between your article's

    content and your user's interests, the better your chances of ranking.
  12. Optimising for CTR (the good) • Concise headline • Clearly

    outlines article content • Eye-catching images
  13. Optimising for CTR (the good) • Very closely aligned to

    the user’s interests and what’s important to them
  14. Optimising for CTR (the bad) • Headlines which are too

    long and wordy (or vice versa!) • Potentially sensitive or alienating
  15. Optimising for CTR (the downright illegal-ish) • Fake news •

    Sensationalist or misleading headlines • Clickbait
  16. 5% increase in click through rate ⌛ 3% increase in

    time spent on page 3% increase in user satisfaction
  17. You’ll need to either use AMP or complete an opt-in

    form to give Google the rights to display your hi-res images.
  18. Sites with content that users have liked, shared and interacted

    with before are first in line for visibility on Discover. Engage your users
  19. AMP Stories Visually-driven, fast-loading, immersive content, designed for mobile (and

    ideal for Discover!) Example: bit.ly/discover-amp How to create AMP Stories: bit.ly/create-amp-stories
  20. 800 million Discover users Write content that’s new, and new

    for users (trending, seasonal, evergreen) Can dogs eat pumpkin?!
  21. 800 million Discover users Speedy site that offers users a

    great experience on mobile Fast & Fur-ious
  22. 800 million Discover users Hopefully with these tips, you can

    go forth and discover! @incorgnito_mode #BrightonSEO