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Droidcon London: Preparing your app for Google Play Instant

Ash Davies
October 26, 2018

Droidcon London: Preparing your app for Google Play Instant

Android Instant applications are becoming increasingly available, and thanks to the work from the Android platform team can already be installed on devices running Android Lollipop or later.

As an application developer for a large application, or one with plenty of untested legacy code, preparing an application that might be tightly coupled into a single module requires us to carefully de-tangle and move concerns to independent modules.

This talk covers how we managed to prepare our application for instant apps by breaking off base elements and isolating essential key features into self-contained, independent modules, with all the difficulties that this entails and how you can avoid the common pain points and pitfalls.

Ash Davies

October 26, 2018

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    { if (status.isSuccess()) { // Credentials were saved } else { if (status.hasResolution()) { // Try to resolve the save request. This will prompt the user if // the credential is new. try { status.startResolutionForResult(this, RC_SAVE); } catch (IntentSender.SendIntentException e) { // Could not resolve the request } } } } });

    of Play Billing Library 1.0) • CAMERA • INSTANT_APP_FOREGROUND_SERVICE (Only in Android Oreo) • INTERNET • READ_PHONE_NUMBERS (Only in Android Oreo) • RECORD_AUDIO • VIBRATE
  5. Optimisations • Code minification (minifyEnabled) • Resource shrinking (shrinkResources) •

    Optimised SVG assets (bit.ly/2SeZePQ) • Configuration splits (splits { }) • Third party SDKs !
  6. Data Binding ! Error: Currently, data binding does not work

    for non-base feature modules. Please, move data binding code to the base feature module. See https://issuetracker.google.com/63814741 for details
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  9. Query Params data class Region(val geocode: String, val label: String)

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