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Astar Network Slide Deck September 2021

Astar Network
September 16, 2021

Astar Network Slide Deck September 2021

Astar Network

September 16, 2021

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  1. Previously Known As Plasm Network Marketing Slide Deck September 2021

  2. What is Astar Network Astar Network is a multichain dApp

    ecosystem, supporting Ethereum Virtual Machine, WebAssembly, and multiple layer1 blockchains. Polkadot’s Relaychain doesn’t support smart contracts by design. All dApp developers in the Polkadot ecosystem need to use a smart contract Polkadot Parachain. In addition, Astar supports multiple L1 blockchains. Astar already has organic dev growth with teams building synthetic assets, stablecoins (using ETH and AVA as collateral), and a multichain DEX. Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved Previously known as Plasm Network
  3. Track Record Astar Network (Stake Technologies) has received
 7 grants

    from the Web3 Foundation since 2019. Astar has received the most grants in the entire Polkadot ecosystem. May 2019 Plasma on Substrate ✅ Feb 2020 ink! Playground Jan 2020 Optimistic Rollups Done ✅ Done May 2020 Haskel Web3 Library ✅ Done Feb 2020 ECDSA for hardware ✅ Done Feb 2020 ZK Rollups and Plonk 🏃 In Progress 🏃 In Progress Feb 2020 ECDSA implementation ✅ Done Astar Network is a batch 1 
 member of the Substrate Builders
 Program. Astar Network participated in the Web3 Bootcamp Batch 1, which was hosted by the Web3 Foundation China in 2020. Astar Network is participating in Microsoft for Startups. Our Builders Program is o ff i cially supported by Microsoft Japan. Announcement Astar Network graduated the 
 UC Berkeley Xceleration Program. In 2021, Astar started giving grants to the program to incentivize top devs. Shiden Network, the canary network of Astar became the 3rd Kusama Parachain in July 2021. Astar’s testnet became the fi rst
 Polkadot Parachain on testnet (Rococo) back in Jan 2021. Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved
  4. Track Record Our 2 lockdrops have garnered a total TVL

    of 150,000+ ETH Lockdrop #1 Lockdrop #2 19,500 + 11,350+ https://t.me/PlasmO ff i cial https://discord.gg/sTbJMSg 59,000+ https://twitter.com/AstarNetwork https://twitter.com/ShidenNetwork 30,000+ Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved
  5. Problems • Polkadot’s Relaychain doesn’t support smart contracts by design.

    • EVM compatibility is everywhere. This is a default feature for Polkadot Parachains. • Platforms are all about “network e ff ects” but generally there are no fi nancial incentives for early developers to deploy smart contracts. • Polkadot connects blockchains. But technically, Polkadot only connects blockchains built on Substrate. We need a central hub that connects various layer1 blockchain not built on Substrate. Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved
  6. Solutions dApp Staking distributes basic income to developers on Astar

    Network. By building a product on Astar, developers can earn $ASTA tokens as basic income from block rewards based on their performance and decentralized voting. This serves as a strong incentive for developers to choose Astar. Astar supports both EVM and WASM. Solidity, Parity ink! and other WASM 
 compatible smart contracts can be deployed
 on Astar. Smart contracts on EVM can 
 interact with those on WASM and vice versa. Astar is supporting Plasma and Rollups. Rollups contracts on Ethereum can be used
 on Astar as well. Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved Smart Contracts Smart Contracts Basic Income Bridges L1 Bridges Astar connects other layer1 blockchains that have di ff erent consensus algorithms and tech stacks.
  7. Astar natively supports fi nancial incentives for developers to make

    dApps and build infrastructure. (Basic income for all developers aka dApp Staking). In summary, devs can earn Astar tokens by making products, which is based on their performance and decentralized governance. Our token holders can stake tokens on dApps and infrastructure. (e.g. stake $ASTA on Uniswap) Based on nominations and on-chain data, block rewards will be distributed to developers.
 👉 We built an incentive for devs to make dApps and build infrastructure on Astar. 40% of block rewards go to developers. If the valuation of Astar is $1B, $40M worth of Astar tokens will be distributed to developers each year!! 👉 We built an incentive for devs to join our ecosystem as early as possible. The earlier they join the ecosystem, the quicker they can win market share, and thus receive higher rewards from protocol. 👉 We’re preparing for big network e ff ects. The more dApps that are created, the more tokens will be locked on Astar. This creates a positive feedback loop on the price of $ASTA. The higher the price, the more money you can distribute to developers. Therefore, we can incentivize more developers, thus there will be more dApps, then the price of $ASTA grows, etc. ASTAR’S NETWORK EFFECTS dApp Staking is the reason why we will win. Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved
  8. ASTAR’S NETWORK EFFECTS ᶃValuation: $1B (Example) ᶄ10% in fl ation

    per year : $100M 10% of the in fl ation goes to collators: $10M ᶅ 50% of the in fl ation goes to devs and dApp stakers : $50M 👨💻 👩💻 Developers join our ecosystem and create dApps or infra because they can earn Astar tokens. ᶇ The more dApps are created, 
 The more tokens will be staked ᶆ $40M goes to Devs based on staker’s voting weight and on chain data. 👨👩 Stake on dApps e.g. stake on Uniswap $10M goes to stakers ᶈ The more tokens that are staked, 
 the less tokens there are in circulation Positive Feedback On our valuation 40% of the in fl ation goes to treasury: $40M Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved
  9. X-VM X-VM stands for Cross Virtual Machine We believe WebAssembly

    is the future of smart contracts, and Parity Technologies is making a smart contract language for Polkadot called ink!. But since EVM is important right now (many chains use it - BSC, Polygon, AVA, etc). So, Astar supports both WASM and EVM. Astar Network supports both EVM and WASM. This means that developers can deploy both Solidity and ink! smart contracts, and they can use both Ethereum and Polkadot tools. Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=-2jJR8V7iK8 In this demo, a function on WASM is called from an EVM environment so that a Solidity contract can use a function on WASM.
  10. Layer2 We have received grants from the Web3 Foundation to

    develop an Optimistic Virtual Machine and ZK Rollups on Polkadot. Polkadot itself is a scaling solution. Hence, layer2 will not be needed in the short- term. However, we are building a public blockchain for billions of people. At mass adoption, layer2 will be needed in the Polkadot ecosystem. Therefore, we are doing R&D on Rollups. Our Layer2 work is not our #1 priority, but we have some developments. Here are some of our Github repos. 👉 ZK Rollups: https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/ZKRollups 👉 ZK Plonk: https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/plonk 👉 Optimistic Virtual Machine: https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/ovmi Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved
  11. Priority Status Very High Once the Web3 Foundation announces the

    date of Polkadot Parachain Auction, Astar will join the auction. High Ethereum bridge MVP will be delivered in September. Medium Secret Network<>Astar bridge on our testnet is ready. Cointelegraph. Medium Binance Smart Chain bridge will be delivered in October. Low Research phase. Low Avalanche bridge will be planed to be delivered in November. Low Research phase. Bridges Polkadot Ethereum D fi nity Avalanche BSC Solana Cosmos
  12. Astar Portal β Version: https://portal.astar.network The Astar portal allows users

    to manage multiple assets and developers to deploy smart contracts. In the dApps section, all projects will be listed up so that token holders can directly stake their tokens on their favorite projects. We will add an Ethereum bridge section, a swap section, and so on to make the all-in-one Astar and Shiden ecosystem portal. Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved
  13. Ecosystem Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved

  14. $ASTA Utility Transaction Fee dApp Staking Nominated PoS Layer2 On

    Chain Governance Every on-chain transaction takes a fee (used for gas). Token holders can stake $ASTA on a dApp (e.g stake token on SushiSwap). Thus, the staker can earn more $ASTA. $ASTA is used for facilitating the governance such as voting. Token holders can stake $ASTA on the network through Nominated Proof of Stake. By doing so, the staker can earn more $ASTA for securing the network. Astar Network is going to support ZK Rollups and 
 Optimistic Rollups. L2 users will need to deposit $ASTA on L1 to use L2 applications. Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved
  15. Roadmap 2021 Q3 Series B Fundraising EVM + WASM support

    Astar Portal V1 dApp staking support 2021 Q4 Ethereum bridge Binance Smart Chain bridge Cosmos bridge Our Polkadot Parachain Launches 2022 Q1 Listing (Binance, Huobi, OKex) dApp staking V2 D fi nity bridge Solana bridge Avalanche bridge NPoS migration 2022 Q2 L2 (Rollup) On chain governance Astar Portal V2 Cross Chain Message Passing 2022 Q3 Fully decentralize into a DAO Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved