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Astar Network Introduction 2021 July

Astar Network Introduction 2021 July

Astar Network

July 19, 2021

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  1. Sota Watanabe [email protected]
    Astar Network (Formerly Known As Plasm)
    Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved

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  2. Astar Network is the premier dApp hub Parachain

    on Polkadot, supporting EVM, WASM, Layer2 and 

    multiple L1 chains such as Ethereum and Cosmos.
    1 Astar Network In One Sentence
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  3. 2
    • Polkadot’s Relaychain doesn’t support smart
    contracts by design.
    • EVM compatibility is everywhere. This is a
    default feature for Polkadot Parachains.
    • Platforms are all about “Network E
    ects” but
    generally there are no
    nancial incentives for
    early developers to deploy smart contracts.
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  4. 3
    DApp Staking
    X-VM (Cross Virtual Machine)
    Layer2 Solution
    DApp Staking is the system to distribute
    basic income to developers on Astar
    Network. By building a product on Astar,
    developers can earn $ASTA tokens from
    block rewards based on their performance
    and decentralized voting. This serves as a
    strong incentive for developers to choose
    Astar supports both EVM and WASM.

    Solidity, Parity ink! and other WASM 

    compatible smart contracts can be deployed

    on Astar. Smart contracts on EVM can 

    interact with those on WASM and vice versa.
    Astar is supporting Plasma and Rollups.

    Rollups contracts on Ethereum can be used

    on Astar as well.
    Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved

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  5. 4
    “WebAssembly is the future 

    but legacy EVM is right now.”
    “You see, the problem with EVM is
    it’s a hugely opinionated design. It
    derives from an already very
    opinionated design, which is the
    Bitcoin script design,” Wood said.
    His team wanted to give developers
    a very non-opinionated format to
    work with, and that’s WebAssembly

    Dr. Gavin Wood, founder of Ethereum
    and Polkadot.
    Credit: Coindesk
    Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved

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  6. 5 Ethereum Virtual Machine
    We already support various Ethereum development tools. You can deploy Solidity
    contracts just like you deploy contracts on Ethereum. Check out our documentation here.
    Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved

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  7. 5
    Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved
    Astar Network Portal
    Astar Network Portal
    allows people to deploy
    and manage dApps while
    earning $ASTA tokens.
    Coming Soon!!

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  8. 6
    Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved
    Astar Token

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  9. 7 Token Economics
    Docs: https://docs.astar.network/learn/token-economics/token-allocation

    Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved

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  10. 8 Ecosystem
    Stake Technologies All Rights Reserved

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  11. 8 Achievements
    7 Web3 Grants First Parachains 150K+ ETH
    40+ Projects Community Technical Innovations
    Astar Network’s core team has
    received 7 grants from Web3
    Foundation. (Plasma, Optimistic
    Virtual Machine, ink! Playground, ZK
    Rollups, ZK Plonk, ECDSA, ECDSA
    Astar Network is the
    rst Polkadot
    testnet Parachain. Shiden Network, a
    sister network of Astar, is the third
    Kusama Parachain
    TVL through lockdrops.
    Astar conducted multiple lockdrops

    with ETH in 2020 and 2021. More than 

    150K ETH has been locked in our

    smart contracts.
    Currently, Astar is working with more

    than 40 projects (Infrastructure, 

    DeFi, DAO, NFTs)

    Especially, Astar is focusing on the
    NFTs space
    There are more than 30,000 members

    across Telegram, Discord and WeChat.

    We graduated from the UC Berkeley
    Xceleration program, Web3 Bootcamp,

    and LongHash Acceleration Program.
    We have deployed the
    rst smart
    contract on the Polkadot testnet.

    We have successfully completed the
    rst cross chain message passing
    (XCMP) on the Polkadot testnet.

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  12. 9 Reference: Building on Polkadot

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  13. 9 Reference: Building on Astar Network
    Astar Network is a Polkadot dApp hub supporting

    Ethereum Virtual Machine, WebAssembly, and layer2 

    Astar Network supports both
    WASM and EVM. So, developers
    can deploy Solidity contracts on
    Astar Network with existing
    Ethereum tools such as
    Metamask and Remix. In
    addition to that, they can also
    deploy Solidity contracts on
    WASM with Solang, a Solidity to
    WASM compiler written in Rust.
    1 Ethereum Solidity 2 Parity ink!
    ink! is an original smart
    contract language on Substrate
    made by Parity Technologies.

    Astar Network supports ink! to
    build a solid and high
    performance DApps.

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