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Working from Wherever (That Conf 2016)

by Aaron Douglas

Published August 8, 2016 in Technology

** Talk given at That Conference August 8, 2016 in Wisconsin Dells, WI. This is an updated version from the original one given in August 2014 at 360iDev. **

What happens when you love where you live but really want that perfect job that happens to be in another city or maybe even country? Move? That’s so 2002. Being a remote worker in the technology field is continuing to be a common occurrence when employers are looking for talent. Some companies like Basecamp, Buffer, Olark, Automattic (WordPress.com), and Mozilla are nearly 100% distributed and everyone works from wherever they want, whenever they want. There are challenges surrounding working for a company remotely that is a traditional business as well as working for a completely distributed organization. Not everyone can work remote and there are issues surrounding staying motivated, inspired, and feeling like you’re part of a real team. I’m going to share some of the challenges I’ve gone through as a remote worker and walk you through what I’ve had to do to cope and change as a person.