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9bb4a79e5379e3d6705fd99a229d76ee?s=47 Andy R. Terrel
February 27, 2015


Presentation to XSEDE science gateways seminar.


Andy R. Terrel

February 27, 2015


  1. NumFOCUS A foundation for sustaining Open Science Software Tools

  2. Outline Who we are Why we exist What we do

    How you can help
  3. Why we exist

  4. What happens to software that is not maintained?

  5. Software just like houses needs to be maintained. Without real

    support and constant care, software becomes less useful.
  6. What happens to scientific software developers?

  7. Philip Bourne (aka now Director of NIH) at the Workshop

    for Sustainable Scientific Software: Practice and Experience (WSSSPE) described the Google Bus Problem. His lab now gets on a Google bus rather than contributing back to scientific advances
  8. Okay so if science needs software, and software needs developers.

    Where do we put them?
  9. Many software developers work at Government labs, Instrument sites, HPC

    centers, or stay in the academic temporary worker program, aka Postdoc.
  10. Why doesn’t this just work?

  11. Legal structures between organization make it difficult to collaborate on

    projects. While academic funding gets tighter, the salaries in companies are growing. The constant flow of scientific software writers out of the community impacts the quality of software being used by all of science.
  12. One example:
 The IPython Project

  13. You might have seen them in Nature as The Scientists

    Digital Toolbox
  14. Team is on two continents, four academic institutions, and several

    companies. If they go through normal channels of academic funding, the project would see about 30% of that money. And would be bound by the universities pay structure, thus not being able to pay for the talent they require.
  15. When our institutions fail us, it’s time to create new

  16. Who we are

  17. http:/ /numfocus.org/projects/ We promote over 20 different scientific software projects

    We span projects written in Python, R, Julia, C, C++, Fortran and even JavaScript Our community exists because of a need of usable software for the advancement of science.
  18. http:/ /numfocus.org/foundation/ Our founding started with 5 members of the

    scientific Python community. We now have 1 full time executive director, 9 board members, advisors, and vice presidents We come from government labs, academia, and industry
  19. http:/ /numfocus.org/take-action/sponsorship.html Our sponsors mostly come from industry, but we

    are working with more governmental and private foundations as well.
  20. What we do

  21. Support Software Projects

  22. Fund Training of Software Training

  23. Encourage Under-represented groups

  24. Host events such as conferences, hackathons, and meet ups

  25. How you can help

  26. Become a member Donate to NumFOCUS Encourage Corporate and Foundation

    Sponsorship Join the discussion on mailing lists http:/ /numfocus.org/take-action/ Donate to NumFOCUS