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Philly ETE 2017 Brownbag Review

Philly ETE 2017 Brownbag Review

Brownbag review for my team of the talks I went to at http://2017.phillyemergingtech.com/

Audrey Troutt

April 21, 2017

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  1. Philly ETE Conf Brownbag
    April 18-19, 2017

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  2. The web as a platform for
    Augemented Reality
    Blair MacIntyre
    Principal Research Scientist,
    Mozilla; Professor of Interactive
    Computing, Georgia Tech
    ● Open source WebAR tech
    ● We need to solve privacy
    ● Need to improve what we can
    know or sense in real time

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  3. Starry Night with
    Josh Gordon
    TensorFlow Team, Google
    ● Inception is the same image
    classifier that powers google
    photos, is open source
    ● Parsey McParseface,
    syntactic parser, also open

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  5. Lean Android Layouts
    Huyen Tue Dao
    Android Developer, Trello
    ● Keep layouts small and shallow
    ● Avoid RelativeLayout at the root
    ● Android Studio Lint gives good
    warnings for layout perf
    ● Systrace, Layout Inspector,
    HeirarchyView, all good built in
    tools for debugging layout perf

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  6. Why you should bet on
    React Native
    Ken Wheeler
    Director of Open Source,
    ● React Native is “the perfect API”
    ● The web is much better than app
    stores for helping you
    find/discover things
    ● Devs like fast turnaround when
    building and shipping

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  7. Patterns of modern
    Data integration
    Gwen Shapira
    Product Manager, Confluent
    ● All your data is event
    ● APIs between services are
    contracts, in stream
    processing the event
    schema is the API.

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  8. Managing the Reactive
    World with RxJava
    Jake Wharton
    Android Engineer, Square Inc.
    ● Overview of where RxJava is
    different from Reactive Streams
    ● Java 9 is adding Flow class, will
    supercede Reactive Streams
    once it is adopted

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  9. Avoid React Perf Pitfalls
    Alex Grigoryan
    Director of Engineering, Walmart
    ● http://www.electrode.io/ OS
    platform for node.js/react apps
    ● Server-side rendering was
    success (related medium post)
    ● They do lots of dev experiments

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  12. https://medium.com/walmartlabs/the-benefits-of-server-side-rendering-over-client-side-re

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  13. Serverless Architecture
    Mike Roberts
    co-founder, Symphonia
    ● What is serverless?
    ● Why go serverless?
    ● Good/bad use cases
    ● The future of serverless

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  17. Getting Swifty
    Jason Grandelli
    Mobile Engineering Manager, Urban
    Outfitters inc
    ● Swift/ObjC interop both works
    and doesn’t work
    ● Long term refactor success story
    ● Swift 2->3 took 9 engineers 1
    month of solid work to complete
    ● Would not have been possible
    without excellent QA team
    ● Don’t use apple’s migration

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