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Xamarin: 温故而知新 (第一次的 Xamarin 聚會時間)

Atsushi Eno
August 29, 2016

Xamarin: 温故而知新 (第一次的 Xamarin 聚會時間)

Atsushi Eno

August 29, 2016


  1. Xamarin: 温故而知新 Atsushi Eno

  2. Xamarin: the Mono company ✣ Xamarin: 2011-2016 ✣ Mono: 2002-*

    Xamarin is a mobile-centric Mono company. Mono was NOT about mobile before.
  3. What were the Mono companies? ✣ Helix Code / Ximian:

    1999-2003 Miguel de Icaza and Nat Friedman founded it for GNOME development ✣ Novell Linux desktop development
  4. 1. Mono? It was just about open source .NET alternative,

  5. The Mono project has a clear goal: to become the

    first-choice platform for Linux software development.
  6. GNOME had always tried to have a good support for

    multiple programming languages, <snip> there was a large crowd of people out there that would like to use the GNOME libraries from their favorite programming language...
  7. Mono characteristics ✣ Mono was for better Linux (GNOME) desktop

    app development. ✣ Ximian chose .NET (ECMA C# and CLI) as the development framework. ✣ Nicely integrated with existing C libraries (P/Invokes) ✣ Mono was born from Linux/GNOME based Open culture.
  8. For Example... Many ADO.NET providers that worked with Mono

  9. .NET Bindings for Linux C library .NET library glib, pango,

    atk, gtk, cairo, glade... gtk-sharp gnome, gconf, gnome-vfs, ... gnome-sharp gtkembedmoz gecko-sharp (outdated) opengl OpenTK
  10. Embedded Mono ✣ C-based Runtime: easy to embed ✣ Mono

    on {Moblin, Maemo, Meego} mono on ARM ✣ iPhone ✣ Android ✣ PlayStation Vita
  11. Wherever Microsoft does not show up, there is mono

  12. 2. Working With The MONO TEAM How, how and how?

  13. Working on Mono means... ✣ Complicated position: popular or not?

    ✣ Open source oriented ✣ In the global community ✣ In general at advanced (low-level) position among .NET devs.
  14. How I JOINED THE TEAM? Project website translator (2002-)

  15. How I JOINED THE TEAM? Patch contributor (2002-)

  16. How I JOINED THE TEAM? Maintainer (2002-)

  17. How I JOINED THE TEAM? ✣ Employee at Novell (2003-)

    ✣ joined Xamarin almost when launched but as an intl. contractor (no local office)
  18. How I WORK? ✣ Global hacker team: work only online

    all online: chat, emails, source code repos WFH, no reason to go to office No invasive activities from local office (you *can* still get involved, to some extent) ✣ Mostly working in the night... European from around 3-8pm (JST) East coast Americans from 11pm-ish West coast ... 2am-ish and DST changes
  19. Global actually means...

  20. ALL IN ENGLISH ✣ You will have to read and

    write it... ✣ But tech. English is different: simple Good specifications / docs are written in simple English Easier than Harry Potter! ✣ Better if you can speak and listen to, but not mandatory. I couldn't at all. "Can you write the details on email later?" ✣ You can survive!
  21. CAN I (YOU) DO THE SAME? ✣ Mono - maybe

    not as easy as before ✣ AOSP, dotnet: the `Cathedral` model ✣ Young Bazaar projects are easier to join getting job and/or making money is different matter. You judge them.
  22. THANKS Questions?

  23. END