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Virtual Event Fundraiser- Lessons to Share

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February 01, 2021

Virtual Event Fundraiser- Lessons to Share

Virtual Event Fundraiser- Lessons to Share



February 01, 2021


  1. Virtual Event Fundraiser: Lessons to share

  2. Q4 2020 over 1500 auction and event fundraisers

  3. Agenda: Virtual Event • Revenue Makers • Supporters need a

    good reason to show up • Ticket or no ticket • Great content • Auction • Texting • Q + A
  4. None
  5. Virtual Event Revenue Ingredients Description → Implementation Giving campaign, paddle

    raise → Auctria text-2-give or live auction controller Live auction → Auctria’s Live auction controller Online auction → Run concurrently on Auctria Attend to win → Wheel spin or name draw Games of chance → Wheel Picker, Heads-Tails Trivia → Contest Ticket package → For-Sale items VIP opportunity → For Sale Item Pre-party access → For Sale Item Sponsorship → Acknowledge online and live
  6. Reason to Show Up Promote the Event Activities • Entertainment

    • Giveaway, must attend to win • Reveal of something logo/building/people • Keynote speaker • Annual meeting or celebration • Honor a hero, Event Honoree(s) • Awards & recognition • Board inauguration • Sponsor giveaways • Volunteer appreciation
  7. 45 Minute Max Plan out every minute, every word counts

    • Pre-roll and countdown does not count towards the 45 minutes ◦ Lobby with music, sponsor recognition • Introductions, instructions • Speakers • Trends for live auction items ◦ Singular 3 mins each, Group 5 mins for the lot • Pre-recorded segments • Campaign plea • Announce winners, next steps • Next steps for winners, pick-up • Thank presenting sponsors • Conclusion and ongoing donations
  8. Ticket or No Ticket - benefits No Ticket • No

    financial barrier to attend • No financial barrier to bid • Less workload for auction team • Easy to invite friends & acquaintances • Last minute attendees are easy to accommodate Ticket • More committed to log on • Tease with chances to win • Goodie box for sale branding & instructions • Capture email and contact information • Private access, ex. Zoom
  9. Ticket or No Ticket - considerations No Ticket • No

    commitment to show up • Hard to plan for number of attendees • Tracking for follow-up if they attend only yet don’t donate or bid • What about next year if you do charge for a ticket? Ticket • Requiring a purchase to attend event might limit RSVPs • Market ticket sales • Tracking tickets • What if ticket sales are less than hoping for? • Last minute attendees
  10. VIP Boxes, images provided by Kind + Co Events

  11. VIP Boxes, images provided by Kind + Co Events

  12. Great Content: The Pre-Show Special Experience • Breakout party room

    • Table captain previously limited to seats at a table now using virtual event can expand ambassadorship • Private experience with keynote speaker, good for networking as you would have done a VIP room or table • Private party experience with celebrity, high profile
  13. Great Content: The Show Keep the audience engaged • Entertainment

    • Music • Magician • Dancers • Comedian • Cameo • At home party • Wine tasting • Painting party • Food demonstration
  14. Great Content: The Fundraising Audience specific • Live auction •

    Online auction running concurrently • Giving campaign, paddle raise • Make it meaningful • Testimonials • Real images, impact video • Diverse content, live, recorded, slide show different feels and texture • Audience interaction, chat
  15. Great Content-Diversify Ways to Give Provide multiple opportunities • Live

    auction • Online auction • Giving campaign • Trivia • Wheel spin • Heads tails • Text-2- give Know your organization by-laws and local regulations
  16. Picker Wheel

  17. Heads Tails

  18. Games Video

  19. None
  20. Streamyard Studio Admin Screenshot

  21. Open Broadcaster Software® Studio Admin Screenshot

  22. Tech Notes Document Production Logistics • Document log • Logins

    • Video locations • Browser preferences • User permissions • Hardware • Software • Audio quality & volume • Video quality & clarity Backchannel communication & monitoring
  23. Scripting & Run of Show Document Minute by Minute Rundown

    • Name & role • Time stamps (begin & end) • Where feed is from: screen, camera shot • Who is speaking, what are they saying • Pre-record segment that are too complicated to do live ie on location Chat moderator to monitor and respond to chat activity Production director is the Maestro
  24. Rehearsal tips Full ‘dress’ rehearsal • All parties using their

    actual devices that will be used day of and in the exact location • Play full videos from actual drive locations (buffering) • Sample audience view on multiple devices, smaller and larger screens render differently • Lighting trials, same time of day to simulate actual event Stay on script, each minute counts
  25. Auctria Video Three major uses 1. Video on website 2.

    Within an auction item description 3. Pop-up video, ideal for use live auction page during a live virtual event
  26. Auctria Pop Up Video

  27. Yes, Auctria can help you go virtual Let the bids

  28. Auctria Features Bid Monitor

  29. Live Auction Controller

  30. Text 2- Donate, Register, Bid

  31. None
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  33. Stay in Touch with Auctria @auctria Email: hello@auctria.com FB Group:

    Auction Team Talk Auctria Launch & Assist