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Breaking the cylinders of excellence

Breaking the cylinders of excellence

Lindsay Holmwood

July 25, 2016

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  1. Digital Transformation Office Breaking the cylinders of excellence To deliver

    clearer, simpler, faster public services Lindsay Holmwood Head of Development @auxesis dto.gov.au
  2. dto.gov.au “I just wing it to be honest. As I

    need it, I research it. Which is probably not ideal. I need the big picture. I need to talk the big picture and then how to help kids navigate particular areas.” – School counsellor
  3. dto.gov.au “I was talking to the guys in Japan in

    September saying I’d be able to start (selling their label) by December [laughs]. This whole thing has been a case of scaling back my expectations.” – Clothes store owner
  4. dto.gov.au “If you can afford it, pay an expert to

    deal with the government. It’ll bury you and distract you from your own business” – Retired businessman
  5. dto.gov.au “My biggest frustration is being on hold with the

    immigration department. I need to speak to them at least once a week. Last Friday I was on hold for 1 hr 20 minutes. My longest wait has been 2 hrs 30 minutes.” – Internal immigration agent
  6. dto.gov.au Digital Service Standard Setting the standard for delivering services

    that are better for users, and efficient for government
  7. cloud.gov.au 14 apps in production 50 apps in development across

    transformation programme & service delivery programme
  8. dto.gov.au “The future is already here — it's just not

    very evenly distributed.” – Gibson
  9. dto.gov.au Make the right thing • Select high volume services

    • User centred design • Define and deploy the minimum viable product • Integrate with back-end process • Design for straight-through processing
  10. dto.gov.au Ensure that it’s
 done right • Organise work in

    small teams (2 pizza size) • Develop in-house capability across key roles • Incremental and continuous deployment • Time box delivery • Continuous usability testing
  11. dto.gov.au People expect to deal with government as a whole,

    not with separate agencies or departments