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Deepening our people to weather the org

Deepening our people to weather the org

Devops is about changing technical culture. But technical culture isn’t created in a vacuum – it's nurtured and reinforced by the broader organisational culture our tech orgs are part of.

That culture comes from people – our artifacts, beliefs, and assumptions. Unless we deepen our people's skills, knowledge, and experience, we'll get the culture change we deserve.

What does technical culture change look like, and how does it survive? And why are people the hardest but most important piece of the puzzle to change?

Lindsay Holmwood

September 30, 2016

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  1. • MH17 tragedy reveals need for flight path overhaul •

    Flight MH17 took abandoned flight path • MH17 flightpath questioned as Malaysia mourns second airline tragedy • Flight MH17 ‘could have avoided Ukrainian airspace for $66 per passenger’ • Why was MH17’s flight path over a conflict zone?
  2. “I don’t agree with the decision, but I’m going to

    do everything I can to see it succeed”
  3. What Who Map Qualify team fit Team members Map Qualify

    tech talent Team members Reduce Rubber stamp Team lead
  4. Make it clear in your job descriptions you are seeking

    candidates from diverse backgrounds
  5. Diversity is for naught if you don’t include, adapt, and

    embrace differences as part of your culture
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