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Pairing is Caring

April 05, 2013

Pairing is Caring

As presented at Ancient City Ruby Conference 2013 in St. Augustine Florida.


April 05, 2013

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  1. Pairing is Caring Avdi Grimm (@avdi)

  2. Have you ever...

  3. ...been new to Ruby/Rails...

  4. ...and felt a little lost?

  5. ...been a sole or remote developer...

  6. ...and felt isolated?

  7. ...used a new library or technique...

  8. ...only to realize six months later that you did it

    all wrong?
  9. ...felt like other developers are a little crazy?

  10. ...wanted to do more for the community?

  11. A Suggestion

  12. Pair Programming

  13. Got that t-shirt already?

  14. Pair widely, pair often

  15. Pair Remotely

  16. Reasons to Pair

  17. Instant Code Review "I was still on the fence until

    we had a couple weeks at work where only one of us was there... and I lost 2.5 hours on a typo" -- Steve Jackson
  18. Sanity Check "If you can convince your pairing partner that

    breaking a rule would produce better code, have at it." -- Sandi Metz
  19. Moral Support

  20. Talk to the Duck

  21. Stay on target

  22. Fresh Perspective

  23. The Experiment

  24. Consulting Pair- Programmer

  25. 60+ Partners 250+ Hours

  26. Mostly paid sessions

  27. 1 OSS Session/week

  28. This was my job (And would still be, if not

    for RubyTapas)
  29. Reasons for Sessions

  30. Newbies

  31. Help with a specific problem

  32. Most commonly of all...

  33. "Help me grok TDD"

  34. The testing gap

  35. Crossing the gap

  36. Mechanics

  37. 2 hours

  38. Scheduled in advance

  39. Work on their project

  40. When you care, it's easier to learn

  41. Hardware

  42. Headset

  43. Separate Comms

  44. Software I used: • YuuGuu (screensharing) • Skype/GTalk/Google Hangouts (voice/video)

    Also look at: • Tmux: tmux.sourceforge.net/ • Wemux: github.com/zolrath/wemux • Tweemux: github. com/PeopleAdmin/tweemux • ls-pair: github.com/livingsocial/ls-pair • Screenhero: screenhero.com/ • etc...
  45. Getting Oriented

  46. Taking Notes

  47. Navigator/Driver

  48. Why should you care?

  49. Because you should do it too!

  50. Newbie? Learn how others think through problems

  51. Isolated? Get validated and re-energized

  52. New tech? Get started on the right foot

  53. Cynical? Feel better about yourself and others

  54. None
  55. The Pairing Ecosystem

  56. Genetic Diversity

  57. Memetic Diversity

  58. Pair widely, pair often

  59. The tech is a solved problem

  60. Who would you like to pair with?

  61. Just ask

  62. Would you pair with a stranger?

  63. A challenge

  64. Pair with someone new once a month

  65. Put out a welcome mat

  66. http://pairprogramwith.me

  67. None
  68. Link it to a way to contact you <a href="mailto:yourname+pairing@example.com"...>

  69. Let the world know

  70. "Want to #pairwithme? Get in touch!"

  71. "Just finished #pairingwith @avdi!"

  72. Let's make our community healthier and happier

  73. Happy hacking!

  74. Questions?

  75. "Star Wars" © Lucasfilm "Fresh Perspective" cartoon from "Thinking Forth"

    by Leo Brodie (Creative Commons, attribution- NonComercial-ShareAlike 2.0) "To the Faithful Departed" cover art © Island Records "Duty Calls" from XKCD by Randall Munroe (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License) "Labyrinth" © TriStar Pictures "The Matrix" © Warner Bros Credits