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20 Things I Love About Code

20 Things I Love About Code


Avi Flombaum

May 21, 2014

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  1. 20 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT CODE In no particular order.

    @aviflombaum for @flatironschool
  2. It’s a meditation that requires absolute presence and focus.

  3. You become comfortable with discomfort.

  4. Instant feedback.

  5. It’s always your fault, be humble.

  6. It’s You vs. You

  7. Technology is behind us, in our present, and our future.

  8. It’s profitable

  9. It’s got style.

  10. How many times you fail doesn’t matter as long as

    it’s one less time then the times you tried.
  11. It’s empowering.

  12. It’s integrated

  13. It’s life.

  14. It’s always in motion.

  15. It’s a medium

  16. It’s an abstraction.

  17. It’s only fun at the edge, it pulls you forward.

  18. Solo & Team Sport

  19. It’s precise.

  20. Us as a super organism

  21. Changes the way you approach everything.