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Spot Instances - How Hotstar uses Spots for Million scale

Spot Instances - How Hotstar uses Spots for Million scale

- What are Amazon EC2 Spot Instances
- Spot vs On-Demand vs Reserved Pricing Models
- Impact of Spot pricing updates - before vs after re:Invent (2017)
- Spot Strategies
- Demo - Spot Fleet
- How Hotstar leverages Spot instances for million scale

Speaker: Gaurav Kamboj - Cloud Architect at Hotstar

Meetup URL: https://www.meetup.com/awsugmum/events/251172280/


AWS User Group Mumbai

June 16, 2018


  1. Spot On! Leveraging EC2 Spot Instances for production workload at

    Million scale
  2. Quick Intro! Gaurav Kamboj Cloud Architect at Hotstar AWS Cloud

    Warrior 2018 Co-organizer at AWS User Group - Mumbai
  3. Pricing Models On-Demand Pay-as-you-go Always available Reserved 1 or 3

    year term ★ No upfront ★ Partial upfront ★ Full upfront Spot Spare capacity Cheapest Design for failure
  4. Pricing Updates ★ Smooth Pricing ★ Optional Bidding ★ No

    Bidding War ★ Lesser Termination
  5. Spot Fleet Demo

  6. Hotstar Using Spot Instance for Million scale

  7. How Hotstar leverages Spot Instances? Amazon EC2 ★ Stateless Apps

    ★ Microservices ★ ML ★ Data Science ★ Batch Jobs EMR Clusters Golden rule is “Task nodes = Spot” ★ Persistent EMRs ★ Throwaway EMRs Hulk Load generators 800 x C4.4xlarge 12800 CPUs 24 TB of RAM 75 Gbps Data Out
  8. None
  9. tech.hotstar.com