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Setup multi-tier architecture using AWS Free Tier

Setup multi-tier architecture using AWS Free Tier

- What is Free Tier? What's included?
- Services which are 1-year free vs always free
- Understanding free tier limits of EC2, S3, RDS etc.
- Tracking cost and setting up alerts
- Demo - Multi-tier architecture using services available in Free Tier.

Speaker: Chirag Nayyar - Sales Lead at Cloud Kinetics


AWS User Group Mumbai

July 14, 2018


  1. AWS Free Tier Your Cloud Journey Begins Here Chirag Nayyar

  2. Today’s Ageda Why, What & How many Services Really Free

    in AWS? Can you host your Production Website/Workload in Free tier? Demo and Performance:) Get Alerted!!! Things to remember while using Free Tier. QA
  3. How Many Services Comes Under Free tier? 55+

  4. Free Tier Types* • Free for12 Months (30+) Always Free

    (20+) Trials EC2 Linux/Windows t2.micro with 30 GB SSD Each DynamoDB 25GB Redshift 1 DC2.large for 2 Months RDS MySQL/Postgre/MariaDB/MSSQL with 20 GB SSD Lambda 1 Million Request/Month Inspector for 3 Months Elastic Load Balancer 62000 Mail OutBound/Month Virtual Desktop for 2 Months Cloudfront 50 GB/Month DataOut 10 Cloudwatch Alarms 250 Device Minutes 1 Million Request/Month Sagemaker for 2 Months 5GB S3 Storage *http://aws.amazon.com/free
  5. Lets get out Hand Dirty with free Tier Services!! Availability

    Zone #1 security group web app server EC2 instance root volume security group security group MariaDB Redis Elastic Load Balancing Amazon S3 bucket CloudFront distribution Amazon Route 53 www.cloudpolice.in
  6. Things to Remember • Setup Billing Alarm and IAM User

    when you create new AWS Account • Use the 9 free Cloudwatch Alarms Wisely. • Use Cloudfront for better performance and Security weather your application is hosted or not on AWS. • Use Elastic Load Balancer for Security • Understand the Services Unit Measures before use. Every service is not counted as same. • If your site is a static site use S3 and Cloudfront. • Use ACM for free TLS/SSL certificate.
  7. QA Time

  8. Thank You