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AI for All

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December 14, 2019

AI for All

low code/no code AI solutions for Intelligent Business Applications



December 14, 2019


  1. AI for All low code/no code AI solutions for Intelligent

    Business Applications SOMY AYAZI & AMEY HOLDEN
  2. @SomyAyazi Somy Ayazi Amey Holden @AmeyHolden

  3. AI Builder in The Power Platform @SomyAyazi Dynamic 365 Office

    365 Mobile Apps Web Apps Power Apps Power Automate Power BI AI Builder
  4. AI Builder Benefit @SomyAyazi

  5. AI Builder Features @SomyAyazi ❖Prebuilt AI Model ➢ Business Card

    Reader (Vision API) ➢ Key Phrase Extraction (Language API) ➢ Language Detection (Language API) ➢ Text Recognition (Vision API) ➢ Sentiment Analysis (Language API); ❖Custom AI Model ➢ Object Detection ➢ Text Classification ➢ From Processor ➢ Prediction Configure Train Evaluate Publish
  6. AI Builder in Action @AmeyHolden

  7. Lessons Learnt ‼ AI builder likes simple A4 forms, but

    non A4 can work ‼ Adhere to the training images/document limitations ‼ Test with new real-life examples before you publish ‼ You can only train it once ‼ One form processing model per form layout ‼Leverage Substitute() in Power Apps & Replace() in Power Automate to remove incorrect spacing ‼ Check region availability @AmeyHolden
  8. @SomyAyazi Behind the scenes of AI Builder

  9. Vision @SomyAyazi

  10. Speech @SomyAyazi

  11. Language @SomyAyazi

  12. Knowledge Search @SomyAyazi

  13. Cognitive services in Action @SomyAyazi

  14. $686.50 1 million credits per month GA Prediction Business Card

    Reader N/A Object Detection Text Classification (US & EU Preview Only) Preview Form Processing Key Phrase Extraction Language Detection Text Recognition Sentiment Analysis (GA March 2020) Source: Microsoft (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform-release-plan/2019wave2/ai-builder/planned-features) @AmeyHolden ✓Add on to any Dynamics/ Power Apps and Power Automate standalone license ✓Pooled across the tenant - allocated to environments ‼No credits rollover ‼Amount of credits consumed depends on the model and size/complexity of the data set ‼Credits are consumed when training and using in app/flow/schedule
  15. Q&A @SomyAyazi @AmeyHolden

  16. Thank You! @SomyAyazi @AmeyHolden