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Modern Solutions with AI Builder & the Power Platform

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November 19, 2019

Modern Solutions with AI Builder & the Power Platform



November 19, 2019


  1. Modern Solutions with AI Builder SOMY AYAZI DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT @SomyAyazi

  2. About Me ❖ Been in Software developments for more than

    15 years ❖ Certified Scrum Master & Agile PM ❖ Business Development Consultant At Kloud Solution/Telstra Purple @SomyAyazi https://minutes.co
  3. Agenda ❖ Microsoft Power Platform ❖ AI (Text, Object, Predictions)

    ❖ AI Builder ❖ How To ❖ Availability ❖ References @SomyAyazi
  4. Microsoft Power Platform ❖ A business application platform o Easy

    app building and data insight ❖ Fundamental change is that data is now coming first oModern businesses are starting with systems of observation and intelligence oData would drive the starting point oBring all your data together into a common data model oAbility to integrate with other platform like Salesforce, Workday, SAP, etc @SomyAyazi
  5. Microsoft Power Platform ❖ Power Platform is comprised of ◦

    Power BI (to display and analyse data) ◦ Power Apps (act and modify data) ◦ Power Automate (aka Flow) ❖ Has it’s own admin site (out of the O365) @SomyAyazi https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com Dynamic 365 Office 365 Mobile Apps Web Apps Power Apps Power Automate Power BI AI Builder
  6. @SomyAyazi https://community.dynamics.com/ Power Automate

  7. Common Data Services ❖ Cloud based managed Container ❖ Based

    on 200 standard business entities ➢ Sales, services, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Education, Healthcare, etc ❖ Foundation for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform ❖ Create custom entities and populate them with data using Power Query ❖ Benefits ➢Easy to manage. ➢Easy to secure ➢Access your Dynamics 365 Data ➢ Rich metadata ➢ Logic and validation ➢ Productivity tools @SomyAyazi
  8. AI Builder ❖ Offers pre-built machine learning models that can

    be added onto either Power Apps or Power Automate/Flow ❖ Leverages Azure AI and ML technologies ❖ Low-code AI capability in the Power Platform ❖ Customizable for broad range of industries ❖Automate the process and predict the outcome ❖AI Builder is licensed as an add-on to your PowerApps, Power Automate, or Dynamics 365 license. @SomyAyazi
  9. @SomyAyazi Cognitive Services/AI ❖ A collection of Artificial intelligence APIs

  10. Vision API ❖ Object, scene, and activity detection ❖ Face

    recognition and identification ❖ Celebrity and landmark recognition ❖ Emotion recognition ❖ Text and handwriting recognition (OCR) ❖ Video metadata, audio, and keyframe extraction and analysis ❖ Explicit or offensive content moderation ❖ Custom image recognition @SomyAyazi
  11. Analyze image @SomyAyazi ❖ Type of image Clip Art Type

    0 Non-clipart Line Drawing Type 0 Non-Line Drawing Black & White Image False ❖ Content of image Categories [{ “name”: “people_swimming”, “score”: 0.099609375 }] Adult Content False Adult Score 0.18533889949321747 Faces [{ “age”: 27, “gender”: “Male”, “faceRectangle”: {“left”: 472, “top”: 258, “width”: 199, “height”: 199}}] ❖ Image colors Dominant Color Background White Dominant Color Foreground Grey Dominant Colors White
  12. OCR @SomyAyazi ❖ Good at ❖ Scanned documents/Forms ❖ Photos

    with text ❖ Fine-grained location information
  13. Custom Vision ❖ Upload images Upload your own labeled images,

    or use Custom Vision Service to quickly tag any unlabeled images ❖ Train Use your labeled images to teach Custom Vision Service the concepts you want it to learn ❖ Evaluate Use simple REST API calls to quickly tag images with your new custom computer vision model ❖ Active learning Images evaluated through your custom vision model become part of a feedback loop you can use to keep improving your classifier @SomyAyazi
  14. Speech API ❖ Speech transcription (Speech-to-text) ❖ Speech Synthesis (Text-to-speech)

    ❖ Real-time speech translation ❖ Speaker identification and verification ❖ Custom Speech models for transcription and translation ❖ Custom voice @SomyAyazi
  15. Language API ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖

    ❖ @SomyAyazi
  16. AI Builder Features ❖ Object Detection ❖ Text Classification ❖

    From Processor ❖ Prediction @SomyAyazi
  17. AI Builder ❖ Choose AI template ❖ Connect data ❖

    Tailor a AI model ❖ Use a AI model @SomyAyazi
  18. Building AI Model ❖ Choose a model based on the

    business need (Pre-built or Custom) ➢ i.e. Build an object detection model that recognizes your products in an image ➢ i.e. Predict a business outcome based on the historical data ❖ Configure your model ❖Train Model ➢ Result vary depend on the configuration and data provided to train ➢ Rapidly train and optimize decision making based on trend changes and feedback ➢ Use context to rank options and make the best decisions ❖ Evaluate (performance and quality) ❖ Publish and Score Model @SomyAyazi Configure Train Evaluate Publish
  19. AI Model ❖ Custom Model Types ➢ Object Detection (Vision

    API) ➢ Text Classification (Language API) ➢ From Processor (Vision API) ➢ Prediction (Prediction); Use context to rank options and make the best decisions ❖ Prebuilt AI Model ➢ Business Card Reader (Vision API) ➢ Key Phrase Extraction (Language API) ➢ Language Detection (Language API) ➢ Text Recognition (Vision API) ➢ Sentiment Analysis (Language API); detect positive or negative sentiment in social media, customer reviews or any text data you want to analyse
  20. Prediction ❖ Make a predication (predict outcome using historical data)

    ❖ Select outcome , choose a data and particular field you want to predict ❖ Predict as yes/no, true/false, pass/fail, and go/no go outcome. ❖ Select data and train the model (Map, deselect, or filter fields from your data. Then train your model automatically.) ❖ Publish and use your AI model (Use results of your predictions in apps, flows, and other places.) @SomyAyazi
  21. Prediction ❖ Example ❑Which applicants might be eligible for membership?

    ❑Which customers might not renew their subscriptions? ❑ Which leads might purchase a product or service? ❑ Which accounts might not pay their invoices on time? ❖Prerequisite ❑ Data in Common Data Service ❑ Access level permission to read data ❑ At least 10 records for each data field ❑ Minimum 50 records to train (be more the better result, e.g. 1000 record) @SomyAyazi
  22. Demo @SomyAyazi

  23. Best Practises (Prediction) DO Have a business question you want

    to answer. DON'TS Don't use data to create a business question. Use data where you have read privileges Don't use data where you don't have sufficient permission. @SomyAyazi
  24. Best Practises (Form Processing) DO ❖ Use documents with the

    same layout. ❖ Use documents with primarily text.. ❖ Use simple documents ❖ Each document should be a separate file DON'TS ❖ Don't use documents with different layouts in the same model ❖ Don't use documents with lots of images or checkboxes ❖ Don't use complex documents with nested tables or merged cells. ❖Don't use files containing multiple documents @SomyAyazi
  25. AI Builder Benefit @SomyAyazi

  26. Availability AI Builder: Will be priced at $500 for 1

    million service credits, which can be applied across an organization’s users for training and running AI models Feature Australia Europe United Kingdom United States Form processing Preview Preview Preview Preview Object detection - Preview - Preview Prediction GA GA GA GA Text classification - Preview - Preview Business card reader GA GA GA GA Key phrase extraction Preview Preview Preview Preview Language detection Preview Preview Preview Preview Text recognition Preview Preview Preview Preview Sentiment analysis Preview Preview Preview Preview Source: Microsoft (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform-release-plan/2019wave2/ai-builder/planned-features) @SomyAyazi
  27. License ❖ AI Builder is a capacity add-on to paid,

    standalone PowerApps, Power Automate, and Dynamics 365 licenses ❖ Each $500 subscription includes 1 million AI Builder service credits applied at the tenant level ❖ The AI Builder capacity add-on is an annual subscription ❖ Can be added to the P1 and P2 plans for PowerApps and Power Automate ❖ AI models consume service credits when they are trained, used in an app or flow, or scheduled to periodically run. The amount of capacity consumed varies based the AI model, as well as the size and complexity of the data set. ❖ Users without an existing PowerApps or Power Automate license can access AI Builder trial capacity for 30 days Source: Microsoft (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform-release-plan/2019wave2/ai-builder/planned-features) @SomyAyazi
  28. References ❖ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/powerplatform/ ❖ https://github.com/microsoft/PowerApps-Samples ❖ https://community.dynamics.com/365 ❖ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/ai-builder/ ❖

    https://radacad.com/ai-builder-power-apps-embed-with-ai-part-1 ❖ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGtomFKVDys ❖https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/admin/powerapps-flow-licensing-faq @SomyAyazi
  29. Thank You! @SomyAyazi https://speakerdeck.com/ayazi/modern-solutions-with-ai-builder-and-the-power-platform