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GABC2019: Boost your Field Services with Azure IoT by Mattia Braga, Scarinci Andrea, Louis Leon Müller

GABC2019: Boost your Field Services with Azure IoT by Mattia Braga, Scarinci Andrea, Louis Leon Müller

Ever wondered how IoT and HoloLens can improve your daily business? You'll see an Azure IoT solution combined with HoloLens and Microsoft Teams. Join this session and experience it in a live demo.

Azure Zurich User Group

April 27, 2019

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  1. 2 Swisscom Team Andrea Scarinci Cloud and IoT Engineer Mattia

    Braga Solution Consultant Müller Louis Leon ICT System Engineer Azure & Azure Stack
  2. The challenge of IoT is to discover data sources nobody

    has thought of to create business value.
  3. Environment Things Insights Actions IoT Hub Cloud Native Data &

    Analytics Connectivity Business process integration Customer interaction Hybrid Interfaces of IoT IoT Central
  4. 8 The most interesting ideas are created on the interfaces

    between technologies, people and different domains.
  5. • Human-centered design • Agile • Partners • Outside your

    comfort zone • Environment 9 Context of Collaboration
  6. Azure IoT Central: IoT SaaS • A cloud gateway •

    Customizable Dashboard • Data storage • Rules and Actions • Connectors to other Azure services • Security
  7. Let’s start! + SDKs + = easy PoC IoT Central

    Demo Board + Easy customization
  8. Increase profitability by ensuring the right people, the right parts,

    and the right equipment are available for every Maintenance visit, regardless of your service strategy 18
  9. 1 2 3 Augmented Reality Smart Assistance - Vision Business

    Process Management CMS, ERP & CRM IOT Business Intelligence Artificial Intelligence
  10. 1 2 3 Demo Business Process Management CMS, ERP &

    CRM IOT SDT Supervisor SDT IoT Device 1 SDT Operator
  11. Create the application Configuration the application Connect real devices Telemetry

    and extending Azure IoT Central 26 Azure IoT Central Lab Demo Create IoT Central applications. Create roles and add users Define new device types Configure rules & actions Customize the operator's view Add real device instances (optional) Monitor devices Create overview dashboards Extend Azure IoT Central to integrate with other applications