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GitHub Copilot has Come to Stay!

GitHub Copilot has Come to Stay!

GitHub Copilot and GitHub Copilot Chat help developers to speed up their development workflow. Once you've used the tools, you won't want to be without them. A field report peppered with valuable tips and short demos.

About Marc:
I'm a passionate software engineer interested in C#/.NET, Azure, DevOps, DevSecOps, automation topics and new technologies.


Azure Zurich User Group

February 16, 2024

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  1. GitHub Copilot has come to stay GitHub Copilot and GitHub

    Copilot Chat help developers to speed up their development workflow. Once you’ve used the tools, you won’t want to be without them. A field report peppered with valuable tips and short demos. Microsoft Azure Zürich User Group Meetup, 13.02.2024
  2. Agenda 1. About me 2. About GitHub Copilot 3. Demo

    4. A summary of my experiences 5. Tips & Tricks 6. GitHub Copilot for Enterprises 7. Questions? 8. Links
  3. About me I’m a passionate software engineer interested in C#

    / .NET , Azure , DevOps , DevSecOps , automation topics and new technologies. Software Engineer at isolutions blog.rufer.be rufer7 in/marc.rufer @rufer_13
  4. What is GitHub Copilot? «Your AI pair programmer» «The world's

    most widely adopted AI developer tool» Pricing License Price Business 19$ per user / month Enterprise 39$ per user / month Supported IDEs
  5. Features GitHub Copilot - Suggests code completions and whole lines

    or blocks of code GitHub Copilot Chat - Chat assistant powered by GitHub Copilot directly in your IDE GitHub Copilot for CLI - Assistant for the command line [Copilot Enterprise] GitHub Copilot for Docs - Getting personalized answers that are grounded in your organization’s documentation, with inline citations [Copilot Enterprise] GitHub Copilot for Pull Requests - Suggests descriptions and helps reviewers reason about your changes More about GitHub copilot projects (products, prototypes, upcoming stuff, …) at GitHub Next An overview of the most important features of GitHub Copilot
  6. + Code completion Writing documentation Implementing unit tests Code explanation

    Translation inside IDE Writing commit messages Rewrite code in another programming language - Fixing code Implementing unit tests from scratch Suggestions with no or not enough context Very specific business logic
  7. To be considered Quality of code base The more code

    you take over, the more you have to take care of quality Danger of repeating yourself
  8. General Open related and relevant files as tabs in your

    IDE Copy relevant content you want to use into your clipboard GitHub Copilot Shortcuts Tab Accept suggestions Esc Reject suggestion Ctrl + Enter Open panel with 10 suggestions Alt + Closing square bracket Next suggestion Alt + Opening square bracket Previous suggestion
  9. GitHub Copilot Chat Shortcuts Ctrl + i - Inline chat

    Shortcuts in chat /doc - Write documentation /explain - Explain code /fix - Fix code /tests - Write tests GitHub Copilot for CLI Commands gh copilot explain - Explain a command gh copilot suggest - Suggest a command for your use case gh copilot config - Configure opt-in settings of GitHub Copilot
  10. Prerequisistes GitHub Enterprise and GitHub organization (GitHub enterprise licenses are

    required for all members) GitHub Copilot Business or Enterprise license Important Features SSO integration with Microsoft Entra ID Enterprise managed users Enterprise settings Enable duplication detection Disable telemetry Exclude projects / repositories from GitHub Copilot Pricing see GitHub pricing Challenge in Enterprise Scenarios Customers that do not want that their code is sent to GitHub Copilot service
  11. Links GitHub Copilot GitHub Next GitHub Blog Getting started with

    GitHub Copilot Getting started with GitHub Copilot in VS Code Configuring content exclusions for GitHub Copilot Master GitHub Copilot with 101 courses 10 unexpected ways to use GitHub Copilot In-depth review of how the GitHub Copilot Chat extension works GitHub Developer Newsletter New GitHub Copilot Research Finds 'Downward Pressure on Code Quality' + Discussion