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The Operational and Governance Challenges on the Jourey to Azure by Kyle Krüsi

The Operational and Governance Challenges on the Jourey to Azure by Kyle Krüsi

Moving to the cloud leads to great benefits for an organization, but can have a big impact, too. Organizations are facing major challenges if operations and governance issues are neglected in their cloud adoption planning.

In this session, I will shed light on the challenges that organizations are facing on their way to the Azure cloud and how the risks can be mitigated. Additionally, I will present some takeaways from customers who have already successfully completed their cloud adoption process.

Speaker: Kyle Krüsi

Kyle is an Operation Consultant for Microsoft. He consults and supports different sized enterprise customers in the whole EMEA region on their journey to the Azure cloud.

Azure Zurich User Group

March 28, 2017

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  5. Innovation Move away from Outsourcing models Shadow IT is here

    to stay Datacenter is at capacity Cost – pay for use It is an industry trend …and more
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  7. Cloud Operation fundamentals differ from traditional IT (and framework) Governance

    of defined manual processes (Traditional) Governance on fully automated processes (Cloud)
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  10. Identity Virtualization Data Development Management

  11. http://aka.ms/Ndgk6d

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  14. Azure Platform Service Application Container Application Container Office 365 Managed

    Service On-premises Mail Unified Communi- cation Collaboration
  15. Management and Support Service Operations Fabric Service Delivery Platform Application

    Manage and support Support Provide capability Provide capability Define Define Define Request Fulfillment Asset and Configuration Management Change Management Incident and Problem Management Release and Deployment Management Access Management Daily Operations Knowledge Management Service Monitoring Configuration Management Service Reporting Network Support Service Management Fabric Management Deployment and Provisioning Authentication Consumer and Provider Portal Usage and Billing Authorization Data Protection Directory Process Automation Compute Storage Network Virtualization Service Level Management Financial Management Regulatory Policy and Compliance Management Information Security Management Availability and Continuity Management Capacity Management Service Lifecycle Management Enable services Provide capability Enable services Define Business Relationship Management This diagram is updated periodically. The latest version can be found online. Version 1 Cloud Services Foundation Reference Model Detailed information about this diagram is provided in the Cloud Services Foundation Reference Model article. Required Processes Required Processes Management & Support Mgmt & Sup Administrator Service Operations Author Operations Manager Application Developer Operator Fabric Fabric Administrator Platform Platform Administrator Service Delivery Service Manager Reliability Manager Architect Required Capabilities Cloud Service http://aka.ms/Xzpey8
  16. Service Consumer Developer Operator Author Service Manager Reliability Manager Architect

    Mgmt & Sup Administrator Service Manager Reliability Manager Architect Mgmt & Sup Administrator Service Manager Reliability Manager Architect Fabric Administrator Operations Manager Mgmt & Sup Administrator Service Consumer Developer Operator Platform Administrator Author Platform Administrator Fabric Administrator Operations Manager Cloud Provider Platform Administrator Developer Operator Fabric Administrator Operations Manager Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Fabric Platform Application Azure Azure Office 365
  17. Impact current ITSM processes Separation of dependencies Shift of Responsibilities

    & Accountabilities New roles & skills sets Cloud People Process
  18. You must consider PaaS, versus lift and shift. PaaS provide

    reduced complexity, management and cost. Business cases need to consider rationalizing VM hosting costs (PaaS is cheaper then IaaS). Include licensing, (extended) support, compliance and time to market. Setup a migration factory to smoothly transition Services to new PaaS platforms.
  19. Subscriptions drive access to the management of resources, applications, security,

    network, configuration management, chargeback and showback Master subscriptions management for Azure, before shifting Services to Azure. You need to have a subscription strategy and operating plan to consume Azure at large scale. Define your outcomes first.
  20. Think big, start small Clouds demand maturity. Organizations must increase

    their maturity in order to deliver the promised value Shift to the Cloud with start with a small, reliable service. Gain maturity in small steps, an think bimodal IT. Leave traditional practices on premise, treat cloud as Greenfield
  21. Shift responsibilities for cloud Cloud removes organizational silos, for example,

    Fabric Management requires cross domain expertise versus deep silo expertise Using cloud principles and (IaaS / PaaS / SaaS) IT must shift their responsibilities to fit into Cloud architecture and services (SharePoint, fabric, platform, etc.)
  22. Processes, roles and responsibilities will change depending what type of

    service you delivering in the Cloud (waterline). Understand the cloud model you will deliver (IaaS / PaaS / SaaS). Align your service delivery and cloud processes into the NEW cloud organization.
  23. Cloud Service Consumers are focused on the delivery of services

    (think containers) and IT fails when trying to manage components in the cloud Focus on Services when using the Cloud, make sure that you monitor Service delivery and manage Services from the Consumer point of view
  24. ▪ Define standard changes ▪ Tiered SLAs disappear, SLAs are

    set by the Cloud provider ▪ Service Catalog maturity ▪ Automation, efficiency (IT will be bypassed) ▪ Culture needs to shift, Cloud is a disrupter ▪ Processes need to be lean and mean
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  26. http://aka.ms/learnhybrid http://aka.ms/hybrid-storage-ebook http://aka.ms/azure-fundamentals-ebook @MS_ITPro

  27. aka.ms/devops aka.ms/iac_tlp aka.ms/devopsmva #TalkDevOps RSVP here

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