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Running and facilitating Eventstorming

Running and facilitating Eventstorming

Join our hands-on EventStorming workshop for a dive into collaborative modelling!
Work in small teams using simple tools to explore complex ideas. Discover how
EventStorming helps gain insights and develop shared understanding with
stakeholders. Leave with practical tips and a new perspective to facilitate these
sessions in your own team.

Kenny Baas-Schwegler

April 18, 2024

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  1. @kenny_baas @[email protected] Photo by National Cancer Institute Collaborative modelling is

    a visualisation technique to analyse complex and conflict-​ laden decision-​ making processes with all relevant stakeholders and decision-​ makers to create a shared understanding. @EvelynvanKelle
  2. It is not the domain experts knowledge that goes to

    production, it is the assumption of the developers that goes to production @kenny_baas @[email protected] What goes to production — Alberto Brandolini, Creator of Eventstorming
  3. Big Picture Process modelling Software Design Model and discover an

    entire business line: As-​ Is 15-70 people Common understanding between domain experts; massive learning Trigger long-​ awaited conversations Reach a consensus on what the core problem is Disagreements are okay Doing the right thing: As-​ Is 5-10 people Scope: epic / set of features Product owner absolutely required! Value proposition, policies, personas Consensus must be reached Doing the thing right: To-​ Be Consensus must be reached Every hotspot should be addressed @kenny_baas @[email protected] Types of Eventstorming Alberto Brandolini - www.eventstorming.com
  4. As-​is To-​be 30000 feet Enterprise/Domain Scope 10000 feet Domain to

    Application Scope Team Application scope Big Picture Process modelling Software design @kenny_baas @[email protected] Types of Eventstorming Alberto Brandolini - www.eventstorming.com
  5. Time Cinderella lost her shoes Clock ticked 12 Prince found

    the shoe @kenny_baas @[email protected] What do we need? Alberto Brandolini - www.eventstorming.com
  6. @kenny_baas @[email protected] Process Eventstorming case Your assignment involves developing the

    reservation process for a cinema company named BigScreen. Customers can book tickets through the company's website or its upcoming native app. The process encompasses several key steps: Customers initiate the process by specifying the number of tickets they wish to reserve. Following this, our system will automatically allocate seats for them. After the initial allocation, customers have the flexibility to adjust their seat selections to better suit their preferences. Once satisfied with their seat allocation, customers proceed to payment. It is only after the payment is processed that their tickets are officially confirmed. This streamlined process is designed to enhance user experience by providing flexibility and convenience in seat selection and reservation confirmation. 1. 2. 3.
  7. @kenny_baas @[email protected] Movie selected Clicked on promotion Selected time Selected

    movie Requested # of tickets places reserved No places found What now?
  8. Modelling Space Legend @kenny_baas @[email protected] Allocate places [1] 1 place

    should only have 1 reservation allocated Places are allocated Movie information Time-​ out policy (15 min) Cancel reservation [4] Can only cancel a reservation when it's not confirmed Reservation is Cancelled A confirmed reservation by the user should be paid before confirming it Pay for reservation Payment system - Allocated places - Available places - Reservation Time-​ out Confirm reservation Website Reservation is confirmed Reservation is payed Confirm paid reservations confirm place allocation Can only confirm places that are allocated to the reservation place allocated is confirmed Generate tickets for confirmed reservations Movie Visitor No Available places Found Change allocation for reservation Change allocation for reservation [1]+​ [2]+[3] Change allocations Website Change allocation requested Allocation is changed - Reserved places - Free places - Reservation Time-​ out Movie Visitor Movie Visitor Website Request # of tickets Number of tickets requested When a visitor request a # of tickets, we allocate their places for the reservation Movie Visitor DDOS on tickets [2] A reservation can only contain places adjacent on 1 row [3] We cannot reserve more than 8 places in one reservation No Available adjacent places Found [6] Free up allocated seats from previous allocation [5] Free up allocated seats in reservation payment more reservation failed Place allocation failed 1 Chaotic exploration 2 Enforcing the timeline 3 Hotspots and actors 4 External Systems and Policy 5 Read model and Commands Domain Event Query model Command Policy (External) System Hotspot Invoked On Issues a Activates one or m ore Produces an Results in one or more actor Decides to O bserves Constraint Either/or EventStorming Resources github.com GitHub - ddd- crew/eventstorming- glossary-cheat-sheet Contribute to ddd-crew/eventstorming- glossary-cheat-sheet development by creating an account on GitHub.
  9. I have been working in this for 10 years, I

    will just tell them how it is. How is my cat doing? Why is nobody LISTENING! I feel sooo stupid in this room Shouldn't we just do something completely Shouldn't we start coding now? They are always so annoying, why can't they just listen to me!!! We have been over this 4 times now... Those are not the right boundaries at all... I think we should dive deeper into the domain When that happens, we can get DDOS'd Consciousness of the group "The Shadows" Unconsciousness of the group Modeling space = pool of shared meaning How can I act in the best interest of the group and their outcomes? @kenny_baas @[email protected] @EvelynvanKelle What happens during colloration
  10. a pattern is a set of ingrained, more or less

    fixed relationships between aspects or components of a culture, society, group, organization that can be observed, or can be deduced and interpreted from concrete events and processes. It concerns observable, repetitive aspects of reality. (3 times is a charm) patterns are repetitive patterns are visible on several layers patterns have a systematic coherence patterns form energy fields patterns are transferred @kenny_baas @[email protected] @EvelynvanKelle Behavioural patterns
  11. The person is disengaged That person is watching his phone

    for the 3th time The person does not care The person talks less than other people @kenny_baas @[email protected] @EvelynvanKelle Working with factual observations
  12. @kenny_baas @[email protected] @EvelynvanKelle THE RESISTANCE LINE Jokes Sarcastic jokes Excuses

    Gossiping Poor com m unication / breakdown Go slow Disruption Strike W ar/W ithdrawal Stages of resistance Inefficient & Ineffective Overt Covert Licensed under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-​ sa/4.0/ Based on Deep Democracy the Lewis Method
  13. @kenny_baas @[email protected] @EvelynvanKelle Edge behaviour Edge behaviour: Showing behavior that

    at first glance seems illogical and contradictory Modeling space Consciousness of the group "The Shadows" Unconsciousness of the group Modeling space
  14. Intervention to the group (never the individual) about the patterns

    you observed Neutral, factual observation use the words that the group uses Now stay quiet and let the group first try and decide what they need to do @kenny_baas @[email protected] @EvelynvanKelle Climate reports
  15. In your group pick some patterns you observed During modelling,

    or previous modelling sessions Discuss and decide how you as a facilitator could have given a climate report to the group. @kenny_baas @[email protected] @EvelynvanKelle Break-​ out
  16. Indirectness -> talking in the 3th person Indirectness -> Somebody....

    Indirectness -> Guardian angel Absence Interrupt each other karaoke / radiostation sliding, not deciding Asking question that are no questions What do you want to say? What do you think? What do you mean? Who do you mean? Confusing communication What do you want? What are your needs? Weather report Asking questions or weather report Do you have an answer yourself? Do you already have ideas yourselve? Logical fallacies False Dichotomy Ad Hominem Are there any other options? What makes you say that? en.wikipedia.org List of fallacies - Wikipedia A fallacy is reasoning that is logically incorrect, undermines the logical validity of an argument, or is recognized as unsound. All forms of human communication can contain fallacies. Because of their variety, fallacies are challenging to classify. The… Strawman How did you reach that conclusion? @kenny_baas @[email protected] @EvelynvanKelle Not everything is a climate report