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Security: Stop sucking Portland DevOps Days Ignite 2013

C7bf554286ede7cb2786b5b19649c19b?s=47 Bea Hughes
November 05, 2013

Security: Stop sucking Portland DevOps Days Ignite 2013


Bea Hughes

November 05, 2013


  1. SECURITY: STOP SUCKING! @benjammingh Sunday, 3 November 13

  2. Security persons! STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE! (yes I realise that

    is a negative thing to say) Sunday, 3 November 13

    Sunday, 3 November 13
  4. Be excellent to each other. Devops: It’s all about the

    tools. (Spoiler alert, it’s not. It’s never has been. It’s about the people...) But you knew that already ...right? Sunday, 3 November 13
  5. Reducing barriers. Having an approachable security team is the most

    important thing they can do. The second you lose the ability to talk to them about anything, you effectively lose your security team. Sunday, 3 November 13
  6. Understanding void function(char *str) { char buffer[16]; strcpy(buffer,str); } void

    main() { char large_string[256]; int i; for( i = 0; i < 255; i++) large_string[i] = 'A'; function(large_string); } Sunday, 3 November 13
  7. Yoghurt? Bootcamping: not as unfriendly as it sounds. •New hires

    go sit with other teams when they start. •Builds inter-team bonds. •Means you know who to talk to. Sunday, 3 November 13
  8. Pairing Sunday, 3 November 13

  9. Culture Club! “But we’re only small” Then you’re doing this

    already! *golf clap* Sunday, 3 November 13
  10. Testing *taps mic* You can unit test your application and

    your infrastructure for security! Wait, someone already gave this talk: devopssec-apply-devops-principles-to-security/32 Thanks NickG! Sunday, 3 November 13
  11. Stop saying “No!” Sunday, 3 November 13

  12. User Experience •Make security the default. •Make security easy. •Cut

    people a break. Sunday, 3 November 13
  13. Awkward? For an Englishman? -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.15

    (Darwin) jA0EAwMCIYkQUL8A8FxgySXGJ5+z6ixZ q7ng0FRKqH3oZH2810f1y2lieP2YjzTS eO1d+msE =9wk/ -----END PGP MESSAGE----- Sunday, 3 November 13
  14. Two fact[eo]rs Easy security wins: Two factor authentication •Duo - •Authy - •Google - •YubiKey - Sunday, 3 November 13
  15. Cut people a break? Yes, a security person just said

    that! Giving people a way of going: “Yeah, I will do that thing, but I need to do my work first.” Sunday, 3 November 13
  16. Software updates Sunday, 3 November 13

  17. Phishing “If you go from being 36% on fire to

    27% on fire you're still on fire” - Zane Lackey Sunday, 3 November 13
  18. I’d buy that for a dollar! Given the choice between

    and Sunday, 3 November 13
  19. Openness •Invite anyone and everyone to your security postmortem. (in

    your company) •Let anyone come to your internal security reviews/post-pen-test. •Remove names, as it’s not about who, it’s about how. Sunday, 3 November 13
  20. Fin (also, we are hiring...) Sunday, 3 November 13