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Velocity Conference Santa Clara 2014 Ignite

Velocity Conference Santa Clara 2014 Ignite

Security - go do this.

Video at

I have a version with notes, which may or may not be more useful. Email/message me if you want them!


Bea Hughes

June 24, 2014


  1. Security: I Have 5 minutes, You Have a Lifetime Ben

    Hughes, Etsy, obviously, just look at this slide.
  2. These are real graphs of *something*

  3. Mean Time to PasteBin™

  4. ` photo by

  5. SSL* *(TLS really)



  8. Ummm, yeah, fast enough. big shout out to the

    design of this slide.
  9. None
  10. Password hashing: Just use bcrypt.

  11. BUT WHAT ABOUT scrypt/ PBKDF2/SpecialThing?

  12. Cross Site Request Forgery

  13. And you were worried HTTPS would slow things down…

  14. Multi factor authentication Awesome taken apart SecureID token by

  15. None
  16. Responsible disclosure is pretty cool!

  17. The winner takes it all!

  18. Bounty Hunters You may want to consider their kind of

  19. None
  20. @benjammingh