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From designer to developer – an unexpected journey

From designer to developer – an unexpected journey

Bastian Allgeier

March 16, 2013

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  1. bastianallgeier.com
    Freelance Designer & Developer
    file-based CMS
    Visual bookmarking

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  2. You can't be a designer and a developer.
    It requires different sections of your brain.
    Someone on Twitter

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  4. How to not get started with writing code…

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  9. Backbonia
    The forests of
    The iOS valley
    of doom
    The ruby
    The SysadMines
    Plains of

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  11. The holy grail doesn’t exist

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  12. 100% uptime™
    100% bugfree™
    100% secure™
    100% amazing™
    Call 0800-ILLUSION

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  13. How to create the best game in the world:

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  14. How to create the best game in the world:
    1. sit down with pen and paper

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  15. How to create the best game in the world:
    2. choose a genre for your game and write it down

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  16. How to create the best game in the world:
    3. you most likely just missed the chance
    to build the best game in the world

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  17. The question is not
    “How to create the perfect user experience?”
    The question is
    “How to not make it worse?”

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  18. vs.
    Z t l

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  20. User Feedback
    New Features
    Competition moves forward
    New Features

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  24. ?

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  31. User Experience Producer Experience

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  32. Thank you!

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