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Let's build a better web

Let's build a better web


Bastian Allgeier

October 26, 2013

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  1. new Web().build()

  2. The geek bubble

  3. None
  4. None
  5. None
  6. It’s the beginning of a new era, in which it

    is widely accepted or ignored to be under total observation by governments, secret services and corporations.
  7. “Conspiracy theorist believes that he is not being observed” –

    Headline, Der Postillion
  8. “Dad, why did nobody react when all those details about

    the NSA were leaked?”
  9. It only matters when it really hurts. We can’t risk

    to wait for that.
  10. Who’s fault is it?

  11. Those who build the web destroy the web

  12. None
  13. Aral Balkan – Digital Feudalism & how to avoid it

  14. The industry of bandwagon jumpers

  15. We want to build the next Facebook…

  16. The most intelligent people in our industry waste their time

    on crap
  17. Those who build the web can change the web

  18. We don’t need any more data silos We need our

    own digital homes
  19. Self-hosted!

  20. srsly? SRSLY?

  21. SRSLY?

  22. Language? Database? Extensions? Permissions? Installation? Updates? Security? RAM? Disk Space?

    Email Setup? Backups? Failovers? Background processes? Payment? etc.
  23. SRSLY?

  24. SRSLY? It’s the only way

  25. SRSLY? protonet.info

  26. SRSLY? filetransporter.com

  27. SRSLY? We need the same foundation for all possible alternatives

  28. SRSLY?

  29. None
  30. SRSLY? Let’s connect the loose ends

  31. The outside of the box is only accessible in dreams

  32. Forget all the constraints of today's browsers. Then write down

    the code of your dreams for all the tasks you need to build your app. This is dreamcode. nobackend.org hood.ie
  33. None
  34. A dream An open server OS for self-hosted web applications

    and services
  35. Working title Grand Decentral Station decentralize.it

  36. None
  37. Managed hosting 1 On your own server 2 On a

    box at home 3
  38. home.yourdomain.com

  39. The system handles the tough parts installation/updates/configuration/servers/etc.

  40. Powerful APIs for developers

  41. noBackend philosophy HTML, CSS & JS

  42. A frontend library* that seamlessly integrates with all the backend

    functionality of the OS. *let’s just take hood.ie :)
  43. Super simple app packaging

  44. Business-model-able

  45. Endless possibilities

  46. This is not a silver bullet

  47. Nobody will ever use it if it is… — more

    expensive — more complicated — more ugly — more inconvenient …than what we use so far
  48. Security is not a USP

  49. It is a chance…

  50. Your crazy dreams of today can be reality tomorrow

  51. dream it. do it.

  52. Thank you! bastianallgeier.com decentralize.it @bastianallgeier