No Bugs in Sight: Continuous Visual Testing at (CSSConf 2016)

B3330bb396b899128a7ac1c8e38bec77?s=47 Brian Jordan
September 26, 2016

No Bugs in Sight: Continuous Visual Testing at (CSSConf 2016)

At, automated cross-browser visual testing plays a vital role in maintaining stability and catching regressions. Learn how they test their their visually-intensive, interactive curriculum from Brian Jordan.

In this talk,'s Brian Jordan will describe the evolution of their continuous, cross-browser automated testing suite, including a year’s worth of lessons learned from visual regression tests in the wild. Setting the context of the challenges of testing’s interactive, drag-and-drop open source computer science curriculum (game visualizations using SVG, Canvas, and a metric boat-load of SASS styling), Brian will describe how’s small engineering team got a handle on cross-browser issues and visual regressions, and how team members can write quick tests for their own visual-intensive code. At the end, Brian will share some fun examples from's "Bug Collection"—real live examples of bugs detected before they hit production.


Brian Jordan

September 26, 2016