Modular Front-End Architectures with Pattern Libraries

Modular Front-End Architectures with Pattern Libraries

The way we build applications and websites has shifted from building pages to building design systems. During this session we will review an enterprise case study of what to do and what not to do when moving to a modular design approach. We will discuss useful principles that will help you improve consistency, efficiency and maintainability across multiple projects.

This session will also cover modified workflows that incorporate pattern libraries in your design and development process and give you practical tools on how to build your own pattern library.

Streamline the design process and improve collaboration with developers by breaking down pages into reusable modules.

Five things audience members will learn
• Discussion on the benefits of using a pattern library
• How to identify, review, and rate patterns
• Organizing patterns into a library
• Building and documenting patterns (including a healthy dose of Sass)
• Utilizing your new pattern library for rapid prototyping


Bermon Painter

March 16, 2016