Design Thinking: Ideas to Implementation

7559f6cff1f5efc2d210965febd4d71c?s=47 Bermon Painter
September 19, 2019

Design Thinking: Ideas to Implementation

What is the best way to think through challenging problems, recognize areas for innovation, generate market opportunities, and enrich customer value? Design thinking is a creative problem-solving methodology that helps transform complex problems into valuable opportunities by putting the customers’ needs first. By being people centric, design thinking refocuses our efforts on the customer (internal or external) and offers enormous potential for innovation and competitive advantage in our solutions. 
In this hands-on session you’ll discover:
• The fundamentals of the design thinking methodology
• Ways to bring greater collaboration among business, technology, and design teams
• Tactical exercises that you can apply to your client projects to get to the root of their challenges to help craft the right solutions to the right problems
• Practical methods to integrate design thinking activities into the full development lifecycle


Bermon Painter

September 19, 2019