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Web Analytics: Data drive decisions

Web Analytics: Data drive decisions

Web Analytics class at the University of Hawaii's Pacific New Media program.


Rob Bertholf

April 23, 2014


  1. @Rob Bertholf Web Analytics Data driven decisions @Rob Bertholf http://robbertholf.com

  2. @Rob Bertholf @Rob’s Geek Cred Google Search Engine Optimization Expert

    Out of over 22,500,000 Results #1 in @Rob PATENT APPLICATION #US20060294199
  3. @Rob Bertholf Introductions • Name • Industry • Desired Takeaways

  4. @Rob Bertholf Desired Takeaways • Overview of Analytics • Learn

    what Web Analytics tracks • How to add tracking code to your site • Create ways to track conversion
  5. @Rob Bertholf Terms to Know • Web Browser • HTML

    • JavaScript • Analytics • Tracking Code
  6. @Rob Bertholf What is Web Analytics? The study of the

    online experience in order to improve it.
  7. @Rob Bertholf Why Analyze? Stop burning your money you fool!!!!

  8. @Rob Bertholf Why wouldn’t you analyze? • Find out what

    is working • Identify things that are not working • Calculate return on investment • Dominate your niche
  9. @Rob Bertholf How to analyze: • Pay closer attention to

    the bigger picture & trends. • Compare data against itself • Consider leveraging both server log data and page tag data into a hybrid approach.
  10. @Rob Bertholf Who Should Measure? Short answer: everyone.

  11. @Rob Bertholf Webmaster • Can people access it? • What

    is the load time? • What browsers?
  12. @Rob Bertholf Content Marketer • Where are you best engaging

    your visitors? Which topics should you write about? • What are your visitors looking for? • Where are you losing your visitors?
  13. @Rob Bertholf Social Media Marketer • Which social channels are

    sending most qualified traffic? • Which social posts convert the best? • How is social traffic converting (first touch attribution)
  14. @Rob Bertholf eCommerce Manager • Which products are selling best?

    • How is your cart abandonment?
  15. @Rob Bertholf Executive • What marketing efforts are working? ◦

    Traditional Marketing ◦ Banner Ads ◦ Search Engines / SEO ◦ Paid Marketing / PPC ◦ Email • How well are you engaging? • How well are you converting?
  16. @Rob Bertholf Got Analytics?

  17. @Rob Bertholf Types of Analytic Software Server Log Browser Client

    Social Media (In Platform / 3rd Party)
  18. ClickTale.com

  19. CrazyEgg.com

  20. Google Analytics

  21. @Rob Bertholf Evolution of Google Analytics Urchin 2005: urchin.js 2007:

    ga.js 2012: analytics.js
  22. @Rob Bertholf Now we will cover... • Creating Google Analytics

    Account • Installing Google Analytics in your Website • Configuring your profile with best practices • Setting goals and defining success • Content Marketing • Breaking down by channel
  23. @Rob Bertholf How to get Google Analytics Quick overview for

    installing Analytics
  24. @Rob Bertholf Register at Google.com/Analytics

  25. @Rob Bertholf Create a New Account

  26. @Rob Bertholf Pick your preferences

  27. @Rob Bertholf Accept Terms

  28. @Rob Bertholf Get Your Code

  29. @Rob Bertholf Install Into Website via WordPress Plugin Manually <

  30. @Rob Bertholf Manually

  31. @Rob Bertholf Yoast Google Analytics

  32. @Rob Bertholf Yoast Google Analytics

  33. @Rob Bertholf Verify Installation

  34. @Rob Bertholf Google Analytics Demo of Google Analytics

  35. @Rob Bertholf Test drive Google Analytics. Vroom. http://google.com/analytics

  36. @Rob Bertholf Tour • Select Account • Report • Custom

    Reporting • Admin (Settings)
  37. @Rob Bertholf Adding Filters Garbage in, Garbage out.

  38. @Rob Bertholf But First! Create initial profiles: • Raw Data:

    no filters, unaltered, pure data • Test Data: the testing ground where you install filters, set goals and add stuff that alters the data. Once you know it’s working, then you add it to the Master Data profile. • Master Data: the working copy of your data, this is the data you use for reporting.
  39. @Rob Bertholf Filter Your Data (Master Profile)

  40. @Rob Bertholf Regular Expressions (RegEx) See side two of handout

    for information.
  41. @Rob Bertholf Settings > Connect: • Google AdWords This will

    allow you to share data across Google Analytics and AdWords • Google AdSense This will allow you to see how content is performing with Google AdSense • Google Webmaster Tools This will allow you to share Webmaster Tools data with Google Analytics
  42. @Rob Bertholf Answer the most important question: How many hits

    does my website get?
  43. @Rob Bertholf Is this the right question to ask? HIT

    COUNTER You are visitor number 0 0 0 1 2 8 2 8 2 9 1 . since 1995
  44. @Rob Bertholf Progression of Metrics Hits Page Views Visits /

    Session Unique Visit Unique User
  45. @Rob Bertholf Hits • Each request from the browser to

    the web server is an individual hit. • Multiple hits generated each time the page loads.
  46. @Rob Bertholf • Number of times a web page has

    been displayed. Page Views
  47. @Rob Bertholf Visit (Session) • Could be the same person

    in different sessions • Good to understand what people do during a visit (ie. pages per visit, time per visit, etc.)
  48. @Rob Bertholf Unique Visit • The uniquely identified client that

    is generating page views or hits within a defined time period.
  49. @Rob Bertholf Unique User • Identified from logging into a

    site with a username and password or other method • Can track user despite the computer they use to access the site
  50. Acquisition: How are you getting your visitors?

  51. Overview >

  52. @Rob Bertholf Two main channels of web analytics Safari /

    Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer http://yourdomain.com URL: Click on the link to this really great website at http://yourdomain.com Direct Referral
  53. @Rob Bertholf Referral Traffic “Referral” is what is left over

    after you remove traffic from the Search Engines and Social Media
  54. @Rob Bertholf #PROTIP: Filter Organic Traffic Remove branded keywords from

    Organic search traffic. These should be “Direct”: www.mydomain.com Google Your Company Name Google
  55. @Rob Bertholf #PROTIP: Filter Organic Keywords

  56. @Rob Bertholf Back to the data! Best Google Analytics view

    is: Acquisition > Channels
  57. Channels

  58. @Rob Bertholf New Term: Bounce Rate • The percentage of

    visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. • Target range < 25% - 40% • Drill down to specific Source to troubleshoot
  59. @Rob Bertholf #PROTIP: Decrease Bounce Rate How many of your

    employees use your website as your start page?
  60. @Rob Bertholf Find your IP address

  61. @Rob Bertholf Filter Your Data

  62. Organic Traffic

  63. Social

  64. Audience: Who is visiting your website?

  65. Audience >

  66. @Rob Bertholf Additional Code Needed Need to add: ga('require', 'displayfeatures');

    or use: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-universal-analytics/
  67. Browser

  68. @Rob Bertholf #PROTIP: Browserstack Use www.BrowserStack.com to test your website

    on multiple browsers to see how your customers see your site!
  69. Mobile

  70. @Rob Bertholf Mobile Traffic What percentage of users are coming

    from mobile devices? How do they see your website from a mobile device? Is your website “Responsive”?
  71. Behavior How effective is your site?

  72. Behavior >

  73. Landing Pages

  74. Exit Pages

  75. @Rob Bertholf #PROTIP: Decrease Exit Rate Find pages which have

    high exit rate (and are not your driving directions or contact page) and add a call to action to re-engage the visitor.
  76. @Rob Bertholf More at Google WebMaster Tools Improve Your Performance!

  77. Page Speed

  78. Suggestions

  79. @Rob Bertholf Visualized Data Understand your visitors behavior!

  80. Site Search

  81. In Page Analytics

  82. Visitor Flow

  83. @Rob Bertholf Visitor Flow Study your visitor flow! Where are

    you losing your visitors? How logical is your navigation structure? How easy is it to find your menu?
  84. Conversion Is it driving the intended actions?

  85. @Rob Bertholf Progression of Conversion Events Goals eCommerce

  86. @Rob Bertholf Event • Event tracking is a simple way

    to track how users are interacting with your site. • You can track just about anything such as videos played, submitted forms, if people scroll through your content, or downloads. _gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘button’, ‘clicked’]);
  87. Events

  88. Top Events

  89. @Rob Bertholf Goal • This should be a wide range

    of activities such as purchases, contact form completions, creating an account, time on site, signing up for a newsletter, etc. • Associate monetary value with these goals if possible.
  90. @Rob Bertholf Funnel Visualization • Where do we lose the

    visitor? (Multi step form or conversion path)
  91. @Rob Bertholf eCommerce • Ecommerce tracking will allow you to

    understand not only how much revenue you're making but what channels are responsible for driving revenue
  92. @Rob Bertholf Google Webmaster Tools http://google.com/webmasters

  93. @Rob Bertholf http://robbertholf.com See SEO tutorial for Google Webmaster Tools

  94. @Rob Bertholf Social Analytics

  95. @Rob Bertholf Native Analytics • Facebook Insights • Twitter: Hootsuite/SproutSocial/SManalyzed

    • Instagram: IconoSquare.com
  96. @Rob Bertholf SManalyzed.com

  97. @Rob Bertholf http://robbertholf.com See Social Metrics tutorial for more information

  98. @Rob Bertholf Questions? @Rob Rob@Bertholf.com

  99. @Rob Bertholf Found this useful? Tell me! Please tweet: “.@Rob,

    just saw the #Analytics tutorial and though it was _________”.