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Social Media Marketing: Part 3: Measurement

Social Media Marketing: Part 3: Measurement


Rob Bertholf

October 16, 2014


  1. @Rob Bertholf Social Media Marketing: Measurement Marketing for Humans: Part

    3 of 3 w/ @Rob Bertholf
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  6. @Rob Bertholf Overview Part 3: Measurement Reporting Action Part 2:

    Metrics Install & Config
  7. @Rob Bertholf • Know your KPIs • Know how to

    measure • Know what to do with data Desired Takeaways
  8. @Rob Bertholf Takeaway: Update your KPI’s Refer to your Social

    Marketing Continuity Document
  9. Worksheet #2: Objectives { Goal } achieved by { Tactics

    } measured by { KPI } assigned to { POC} completed by { Date }
  10. @Rob Bertholf Social Measurement

  11. @Rob Bertholf Definition

  12. @Rob Bertholf The Process • Identify Relevant Metrics • Set

    Baseline • Gather Data • Refine & Filter Data • Interpret & Analyze • Take Action
  13. @Rob Bertholf Opportunities • More immediate information • Better business

    decisions • More targeted marketing
  14. @Rob Bertholf Challenges & Limitations • Volume of Available Data

    • Inconsistent Approaches • Data Fragmentation • Limited Resources/Analytics
  15. @Rob Bertholf Correlation ≠ Causation

  16. @Rob Bertholf Term: Key Performance Indicator A KPI is a

    type of performance measurement used to evaluate the success of a particular activity in which it is engaged. It is critical that success be determined by fulfilling pre-identified KPI’s rather than looking for random trends after the fact.
  17. @Rob Bertholf Social Media & Business Goals

  18. @Rob Bertholf How they are measuring

  19. @Rob Bertholf Creating & Setting Baselines • Set KPI’s based

    on customer relationship & business goals/communication objectives • Determine which methods will track these KPI’s
  20. @Rob Bertholf Funnel Authority Acquisition Engagement Conversion Reach

  21. @Rob Bertholf Reach • Website Visits / Pages viewed/ Unique

    Visitors • Social Bookmarks (Diggs, Bookmarking) • Audience Size (Likes/Follows/Circles/Connects)
  22. @Rob Bertholf Engagement • Post Likes/+1’s/Favorites • Shares/Retweets • Post

    Comments • Social Reviews • Forum threads • Mentions • Comments
  23. @Rob Bertholf Authority • Share of Voice • Search Ranking

    • Social Influence Metrics • Aggregated Metrics
  24. @Rob Bertholf Acquisition • Sessions • Time Spent on Site

    • Geography • Time of Day
  25. @Rob Bertholf Conversion • Event Tracking (Key Clicks/Downloads/Read Brochure) •

    Goal Conversion (Inquiries/Email Signup/Registration/Petition) • eCommerce Conversion (Sales/Donations/Subscriptions) • Offline Actions
  26. @Rob Bertholf Bonus: Advocacy • Positive WOM • Generating Content

    (Blog Posts/Media Content) • Customer Satisfaction • Testimonials
  27. @Rob Bertholf Data Based Decisions Using the data to advance

    to next stage of customer engagement
  28. @Rob Bertholf Decision Making • Marketing - Customer Insights •

    Product - Which products are not and which not • Web Designer - Creating a site based on who is visiting • Sales - Which referral sources are bringing value • HR - Applicant quality • Social Marker - Which content rocks (platform/ topic/ media)
  29. @Rob Bertholf Visualize your users engagement path

  30. @Rob Bertholf Path to Conversion: Facebook Reach Engagement Authority Acquisition

    Conversion Likes Talking About, Comments Shares Website Traffic Event, Goal or eCommerce Action
  31. @Rob Bertholf Path to Conversion: Twitter Reach Engagement Authority Acquisition

    Conversion Followers @Mentions, Favorites Lists, Retweets Website Traffic Event, Goal or eCommerce Action
  32. @Rob Bertholf

  33. @Rob Bertholf Getting Ready

  34. @Rob Bertholf Typical link: http://robbertholf.com/some-page/ • Long • Untrackable Shortened

    link: http://Bit.ly/aeiou • Short • Trackable URL shortener
  35. @Rob Bertholf Shortened Link Target Destination Bit.ly

  36. @Rob Bertholf Collecting Data

  37. @Rob Bertholf Native Analytics

  38. @Rob Bertholf • Facebook Insights https://www.facebook.com/{PAGE}/insights Facebook

  39. @Rob Bertholf Twitter • Hootsuite/SproutSocial/SManalyzed

  40. @Rob Bertholf • IconoSquare.com Instagram

  41. @Rob Bertholf Offline

  42. @Rob Bertholf • How did you hear about us? •

    Online Specials Offline
  43. @Rob Bertholf Web Analytics

  44. @Rob Bertholf Progression of Metrics Hits Page Views Visits /

    Session Unique Visit Unique User
  45. @Rob Bertholf Hits • Each request from the browser to

    the web server is an individual hit. • Multiple hits generated each time the page loads.
  46. @Rob Bertholf • Number of times a web page has

    been displayed. Page Views
  47. @Rob Bertholf Visit (Session) • Could be the same person

    in different sessions • Good to understand what people do during a visit (ie. pages per visit, time per visit, etc.)
  48. @Rob Bertholf Unique Visit • The uniquely identified client that

    is generating page views or hits within a defined time period.
  49. @Rob Bertholf Unique User • Identified from logging into a

    site with a username and password or other method • Can track user despite the computer they use to access the site
  50. @Rob Bertholf Progression of Conversion Events Goals eCommerce

  51. @Rob Bertholf Event • Event tracking is a simple way

    to track how users are interacting with your site. • You can track just about anything such as videos played, submitted forms, if people scroll through your content, or downloads. _gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘button’, ‘clicked’]);
  52. @Rob Bertholf Goal • This should be a wide range

    of activities such as purchases, contact form completions, creating an account, time on site, signing up for a newsletter, etc. • Associate monetary value with these goals if possible.
  53. @Rob Bertholf eCommerce • Ecommerce tracking will allow you to

    understand not only how much revenue you're making but what channels are responsible for driving revenue
  54. @Rob Bertholf Google Analytics

  55. @Rob Bertholf Google Analytics Go to Presentation

  56. @Rob Bertholf Attribution Models Go to Google Analytics

  57. @Rob Bertholf Social Influence

  58. @Rob Bertholf What are social influence metrics? Social Media Influence

    may be tracked by a series of metrics which determine the likelihood of triggering action from another user. Someone who has been identified with high influence will typically have an increased amplification and engagement of their social messages. Go to Presentation
  59. @Rob Bertholf Read the post on how to increase your

    social influence score See full Social Influence post at: http://RobBertholf.com
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