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Social Media Marketing: Part 2: Tactics

Social Media Marketing: Part 2: Tactics


Rob Bertholf

October 16, 2014


  1. @Rob Bertholf Social Media Marketing: Tactics Marketing for Humans: Part

    2 of 3 w/ @Rob Bertholf
  2. @Rob Bertholf @Rob’s Geek Cred Google Search Engine Optimization Expert

    Out of over 22,500,000 Results #1 in @Rob PATENT APPLICATION #US20060294199
  3. @Rob Bertholf @Rob’s Marketing Courses HUMANS DOLLARS ROBOTS

  4. @Rob Bertholf Overview Part 2: Tactics Content Creation Content Marketing

    Part 1: Strategy Listen & Learn Part 3: Metrics
  5. @Rob Bertholf Overview • Tactics ◦ Monitor ◦ Content Creation

    ◦ Content Marketing ◦ Engagement ◦ Outreach ◦ Advocacy ◦ Measurement (Intro)
  6. @Rob Bertholf Refer to your Social Marketing Continuity Document

  7. @Rob Bertholf Keyword Exercise Branded Keywords (Company Name, Product Names,

    Trademarks, Executive Staff) #1 BRAND/REPUTATION MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER SERVICE Industry (Product/Service) Keywords (Generic Product/Service Names) #2 CUSTOMER ACQUISITION Topical Keywords (Related to but not specific to a cause/service/product) #3 CONTENT TOPICS CAMPAIGNS & HASHTAGS Customer/Lifestyle Keywords (Result of product/service or words which describe the consumer) #4 CONTENT CURATION/ PARTNERSHIPS
  8. @Rob Bertholf Complete your TACTICAL Plan Perform an audit on

  9. @Rob Bertholf Comprehensive Plan Monitoring Engagement Outreach Content Development &

    Distribution/Marketing Advocacy Building Measurement
  10. @Rob Bertholf Listen & Learn Social Media Monitoring, Trending Topics

    & Keyword Research
  11. @Rob Bertholf Tools • Platform Native Search • Google Alerts

    (http://www.google.com/alerts) • Mention (https://en.mention.net/) • Social Mention (http://socialmention.com/) • Talkwalker (http://www.talkwalker.com/alerts) • Topsy (http://topsy.com/)
  12. @Rob Bertholf search.twitter.com

  13. Worksheet: Points of Contact Type Name Email Phone Legal Public

    Relations Marketing Customer Service Accounting/Billing Notify POCs when appropriate:
  14. @Rob Bertholf Listen • Use Words in Section: #1-3 •

    Classify your findings by: ◦ Customer Service (Questions, Complaints, …) ◦ Customer Acquisition (Looking for your offering) ◦ +WOM / Advocates (Saying positive things) ◦ Authoritative (Interesting content ideas) ◦ Trolls (Internet scum)
  15. @Rob Bertholf Customer Service • Always respond to problems •

    Respond Quickly! • Be caring & personal • Be consistent with remedy • Move the conversation to the right channel (Consider a dedicated support account)
  16. @Rob Bertholf Example

  17. @Rob Bertholf Customer Acquisition • Interject if appropriate opportunity •

    Add to Social CRM if ideal customer • Learn about competitive market
  18. @Rob Bertholf Advocacy & +WOM • Validate (Reshare/Favorite/Respond) • Invite

    to engage further (SurroundsMe) • Add to Social CRM
  19. @Rob Bertholf Authoritative • Curate (Reshare) • Identify content topics

    (add to topics list) • Identify thought leaders add to Social CRM
  20. @Rob Bertholf Trolls • Don’t feed the trolls.

  21. @Rob Bertholf Troll Ignore Misguided Is the site dedicated to

    harassing others? Monitor only Avoid flame wars. Monitor site for relevant comments. Aggressive Is the site dedicated to harassing others? Owned Asset Was it posted on an asset you manage/own? New Comment: Positive? No Spam check Is the post overly self- promotional or irrelevant? No No Actionable issue Does the post detail unresolved client issue? No Yes Yes No Yes Spammer Respond to post your terms and then remove Assess Based on circumstances, influence & prominence should you respond? No Notify Legal Respond carefully Yes No Notify Support Respond that you have escalated their concern Yes Correct the Facts Provide factual information in comments section Yes Advocate Give positive feedback rewarding them for support Yes
  22. @Rob Bertholf Content Creation Developed, Delivered, Discovered

  23. @Rob Bertholf Identify/Map Resources

  24. @Rob Bertholf Curate content based on relevance to your target

    audience. Discovered
  25. @Rob Bertholf Create content to inform, build authority & provide

    value. Developed
  26. @Rob Bertholf Content Types

  27. @Rob Bertholf • Micro (Twitter) • Standard (Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+) • Image

    (Instagram/Pinterest) Social Content
  28. @Rob Bertholf

  29. @Rob Bertholf Content Types • Blog Post ◦ How-to ◦

    Rant ◦ Review ◦ List • Infographic • eBook • Slide deck • Video • Case Study • Podcast • Interview • Meme
  30. @Rob Bertholf Content Type: Blog Post What is blog post...

  31. @Rob Bertholf Content Type: Blog Post - Tips • Add

    Featured Image to Post • List Posts (Top 5 ways to…) • Include Call-to-Action
  32. Worksheet: Headlines See Worksheet: Formula for Creating Engaging Headlines

  33. @Rob Bertholf Content Type: Blog Post - Headlines Present with

    information readers are interested in (via Convince & Convert): • If you’re providing an answer to an important question, ask the question in the headline. “Which is the most fragrant flower lei?” • If you’re sharing important news that will affect a number of people, start sharing it in the headline. “Over 40 Million Target Credit Card Accounts Compromised: How to Protect Yourself.” • If you want readers to be interested in your product, show them benefits they’ll like, not features you like. “New Gas Additive Saves up to 3 mpg, $200 per Year.” • If you want people to care about your topic, give them something to care about. “27 Elvis impersonators Save Christmas for This Tiny Nebraska Town.”
  34. @Rob Bertholf • An infographic is the presentation of information

    or data in a visual way. Its name sums it up — info + graphic. • Infographics are perfect for communicating almost any idea or concept. Data, research, statistics, and findings work especially well. • They are a powerful way to get your information out there in an explosively visual format. Content Type: Infographic
  35. @Rob Bertholf Infographics

  36. @Rob Bertholf How to do it • If you have

    a graphic designer in your professional network, tap him or her to make an infographic for you. Some graphic artists specialize in infographics. If you have it in your budget, you can use a service like Visual.ly. Infographics typically start at $1,000. • Infographics used to go viral just by virtue of being an infographic. That doesn’t work anymore. Everyone is making infographics. Today, you have to make it really good to make it shareable. Content Type: Infographic
  37. @Rob Bertholf Content Type: eBook

  38. @Rob Bertholf Content Type: Slide deck

  39. @Rob Bertholf Content Type: Video

  40. @Rob Bertholf Content Tips • Know your audience • Invest

    in creating quality content • Be consistent with frequency and topics • Learn from what is working • Less is more - Quality over Quantity • Don’t hard sell • Stay focused
  41. @Rob Bertholf Content Marketing Editorial Calendar, Distribution Plan

  42. @Rob Bertholf Marketing

  43. @Rob Bertholf Visualize Distribution Content Type Blog Facebook Twitter Social

    Platform Email Newsletter Scheduling Application
  44. Worksheet: Content Distribution

  45. @Rob Bertholf Example: Blog Post 1. Post to Facebook Page

    with featured image + share to personal 2. Tweet x2+ link w/hashtag, favorite & retweet from personal account. @mention interested 3. Post URL to Google+ 4. Post to LinkedIn (Wall or Group) 5. Pin to Pinterest if good featured image
  46. @Rob Bertholf Visualize Distribution Content Type Testimonial Social Platform Social

    Platform Email Newsletter Scheduling Application
  47. @Rob Bertholf Content Calendar Blog Post Facebook Poll Video Post

    Guest Blog Post Press Release Live Stream Tweetup Theme Blog Post Interview Event Type. Topic. Content. Social Action. Date.
  48. Worksheet #6: Content Calendar Blog Post Facebook Poll Video Post

    Guest Blog Post Press Release Live Stream Tweetup Theme Blog Post Interview Event
  49. @Rob Bertholf

  50. @Rob Bertholf

  51. @Rob Bertholf Tools for Automation https://l8tr. co/

  52. @Rob Bertholf

  53. @Rob Bertholf Buffer.com

  54. @Rob Bertholf Email Marketing

  55. @Rob Bertholf MailChimp.com

  56. @Rob Bertholf Engagement Content created in response to real-time activity.

  57. @Rob Bertholf Engagement Types • Social Post ◦ Text ◦

    Media ◦ Question/Poll ◦ Contest •
  58. @Rob Bertholf Step 1: Have a Routine

  59. @Rob Bertholf Step 2: Be Consistent If + = follow

    & reply If comment = reply & +1 If post on Facebook =
  60. @Rob Bertholf Tools for Social Monitoring

  61. @Rob Bertholf Engagement Tips • Ask Questions • 80% focus

    on audience, 20% focus on you • Be Human (& authentic) • Be Consistent/Timely
  62. @Rob Bertholf • 61% created • 27% curated • 12%

    syndicated Curate: • 16% curate audience daily • 48% curate 3rd party weekly Content Marketing Mix
  63. @Rob Bertholf Build your Authority • Be Interesting/Informative • Be

    Interactive/Social • Find a balance (Promotional / Personal)
  64. @Rob Bertholf Outreach

  65. @Rob Bertholf Outreach • Engagement with Fans • Participating with

    other brands • Identify conversations out of direct sphere • Grow your community
  66. @Rob Bertholf Advocacy Activate your employees, fans, partners, friends &

  67. @Rob Bertholf Build Brand Advocates • Impress influencers, embrace true

    advocates • Activate existing advocates by giving appropriate assignments
  68. @Rob Bertholf

  69. @Rob Bertholf

  70. @Rob Bertholf My Social Marketers Surround Me! http://surrounds.me code: FREEBETA

  71. @Rob Bertholf Measurement KPI / Social Metric Reporting

  72. @Rob Bertholf Social Analytics & Measurement Only through metrics can

    you answer: • Is your community growing and at what rate? • Who in your community is engaged and who do you need to approach differently? • What online activities and strategies are working?
  73. @Rob Bertholf Creating & Setting Baselines • Set KPI’s based

    on customer relationship & business goals/communication objectives • Determine which methods will track these KPI’s
  74. @Rob Bertholf Social Marketing Action Plan

  75. @Rob Bertholf Daily

  76. @Rob Bertholf Inbox Monitor the following in your inbox: •

    Google Alerts • Subscriptions (LinkedIn Groups, Blogs) • Website Comments • (Respond to Questions)
  77. @Rob Bertholf Daily Themes

  78. @Rob Bertholf AUTHORITY (Monday) • Curate authoritative content to Facebook/Twitter/Google+

    ◦ Facebook ▪ Curate & schedule 3 posts appropriate ◦ Schedule content on L8TR • Vendor Tip (Don’t forget Twitter/Google+/Instagram) consider highlighting vendor/product theme. Ideas could include: ◦ Interesting facts on cutting meat ◦ Best times to buy{ XYZ} • Publish Blog Post (FOUND IN SECTION 3) (500+ words weekly, try and create one 1200+ words once a month) ◦ Post WordPress link Twitter/Facebook/Google+ with featured image ◦ Convert to Infographic, Slideshare, Gallery, Poll as appropriate ◦ Load content into SurroundsMe for your advocates to share • Curate authoritative content to Facebook/Twitter/Google+
  79. @Rob Bertholf ENGAGEMENT (Tuesday) • Game, Contest, etc.

  80. @Rob Bertholf AWARENESS/OUTREACH (Wed.) • Influencer Outreach ◦ Hashtag Search

    ▪ Follow 10 people/brands with authority in relevant hashtags. ▪ Twitter: Favorite one Tweet (or RT if appropriate) for each new user followed ▪ Twitter: Add user to a list as appropriate ▪ Instagram: Like 2-3 images of each user, leave 1 comment for each user ▪ Google+: Add to circle, +1 relevant post, bonus: leave comment on users post ▪ Pinterest: Follow a board, repin an item to your board ▪ Klout: Give +K to the User ◦ Keyword Search ▪ Find relevant blog posts for your industry ▪ Reshare appropriate content ◦ Geo Search ▪ Foursquare/Swarm: Find users checking in at store locations & Heart their checkin ▪ Instagram: Find users checking in at location & Heart + Comment + Repost Image (as appropriate) • Career Highlight ◦ Spotlight Current Employee ◦ Showcase specific job. Link to website
  81. @Rob Bertholf ACTION (Thursday) • Newsletter ◦ • Throwback Thursday

    ◦ Post this day in corporate history
  82. @Rob Bertholf ADVOCACY (Friday) • Follow Friday ◦ Uncover Branded

    Keywords & Hashtags (which were not @Mention directly) & Validate/Respond (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Google+) ◦ Twitter: Thank social engagements with #FF (Follow Friday) • SurroundsMe ◦ Leaderboard thanks
  83. @Rob Bertholf Social Marketing Campaign

  84. @Rob Bertholf Social Marketing Campaign • Identify Purpose, Goals &

    Customer Phase • Choose platforms based on audience & actions • Identify Content / Assets to leverage • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  85. @Rob Bertholf Successful Campaign Ingredients • Media (Video/Photo Theme, etc.)

    • Hashtag • Landing Page / Asset • Email • Advocates (!)
  86. @Rob Bertholf Visual Themes

  87. @Rob Bertholf

  88. @Rob Bertholf Connecting with Characters/ Personality Tests

  89. @Rob Bertholf Questions? @Rob Rob@Bertholf.com

  90. @Rob Bertholf What were your thoughts? Please tweet: “Just finished

    #SocialMedia #Tactics course with @Rob. It was _________”
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  92. @Rob Bertholf #Shameless Upcoming Pacific New Media Classes Part 3:

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