The Open Source Junkyard

The Open Source Junkyard

RailsConf 2014 Chicago
About how gem maintainers need help else gems get abandoned and it hurts the end-user (us).
Was a lightning talk but I prepared, but we ran out of time.


Benjamin Fleischer

April 24, 2014


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    Taking Ownership • 1) Get repository (GitHub) commit / ownership

    • Need GitHub username. Add to access group. • 2) Get push access • Need email for account • gem owner -a • 3) Rubyforge? Mailing List? Twitter account? IRC?
  3. 21. can only do so much. It’s a lot of

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    The Twitter Gem and Ruby Hero Erik Michaels-Ober • Further

    Reading: • grep for maintain • ERIK: It was basically just a giant yak shave. I think I just started working on it and then I said… So I … and then just <yadda yadda> so I just became the de facto maintainer of that. • KATRINA: What’s the most challenging aspect of maintaining a big popular project like the twitter gem? • ERIK: I don’t know. To me, I love it.
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